The interesting facts about Belgium

The interesting facts about Belgium Interesting facts

The interesting facts about Belgium

Belgium – a great European country full of ancient sites and famous tourist centers.
Everyone knows that Belgium is famous for its capital, amazing beer, sweets, medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals. In this article, we will tell you more about these facts and reveal a little-known but very interesting facts.

Interesting facts about Belgium

  • 1. In Belgium produces more than 800 types of beer!
  • 2. An interesting fact that this country is one of the most densely populated countries in the world – 320 people per km2.
  • 3. The average resident of Belgium for the year drinks nearly 150 liters of beer.
  • 4. Every year in Belgium produces 220,000 tons of chocolate, which is about 22 kg per capita per year. This means that a resident of Belgium in a day consumes 60 grams of chocolate.
  • 5. Interestingly, Brussels National Airport is the point of highest sales of chocolate.
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  • 6. Beer Academy first in the world was opened in the city of Herk-de-Stad (Limburg Province) in 1999.
  • 7. The area of Belgium is 30,519 km2.
  • 8. In 2002, Belgium legalized euthanasia (voluntary departure from life). In this regard, every day commit suicide 7 people.
  • 9. Interesting fact: in Belgium, the smallest number of fast food restaurants McDonald’s among the developed European countries. In France and Germany twice McDonald, Japan 4 times, and in US 7 times!
  • 10. Belgium – the world’s first country to introduce for its citizens electronic identity card. Adopted decision was in 2003.
  • 11. In 2003, the Belgian government has legalized gay marriage.
  • 12. Interesting fact Belgium: every citizen over 18 years old has every right to carry no more than 3 grams of cannabis!
  • 13. The population of Belgium is 10,414,336 people.
  • 14. Every year in Belgium is used more than 24 million tablets of ecstasy.
  • 15. Belgium – one of the few countries in the world where the citizen is obliged to receive education up to 18 years.
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  • 16. Belgium is ranked second in the world by number of issuance of citizenship to foreigners. In the first place the number of new citizens of Canada for several years.
  • 17. Interesting fact Belgium: in 1763 the first casino was opened in the town Spa in Europe.
  • 18. In the night-time motorway Belgium can be seen from the moon! This was made possible thanks to the excellent coverage along all routes.
  • 19. 80% of world production of billiard balls located in Belgium.
  • 20. Interesting fact: Belgium ranked third in the world in the number of cars per km2. The first and second place was taken by the Netherlands and Japan. However, the density of railways Belgium has been a leader.
  • 21. In Belgium, more than 98% of households have cable TV – the highest percentage in the world.
  • 22. Belgium is the largest center in the world in diamond processing.
  • 23. Interesting fact: for the popular attractions of Brussels, the statue ‘Manneken Pis’, sewn more than 600 suits for different holidays and festivals.
  • 24. The life expectancy of the Belgian population is 79.22 years.
  • 25. In Belgium there is no emigration! This is due to a very high standard of living.
  • 26. The majority of the Belgian population professes Catholicism (72%).
  • 27. The survey showed that the vast majority of the Belgian population (92%) almost never eat at home. The main points of power are restaurants and cafes.
  • 28. The saxophone was invented in Belgium in the early 1840s. He came up with a well-known musician and designer Adolphe Sax.
  • 29. An interesting fact that incest in Belgium is considered to be quite normal.
  • 30. The first printed newspapers in the world have been published in 1605 in the city of Antwerp – Belgium famous tourist center.
  • 31. The largest newborn in the world is a resident of Belgium, Samuel Timmerman. His weight was 5.4 kg, while the increase was as much as 57 cm!
  • designer Adolphe Sax

  • 32. In Belgium, came up with the chocolate “praline” – one of the world’s most popular varieties of chocolate.
  • 33. Interesting fact Belgium: Europe’s tallest man is a citizen of Belgium, Alain Delanois. His height is 2 meters 30 centimeters!
  • 34. A well-known painter Jan van Eyck in Belgium is one of the inventors of oil painting.
  • 35. Belgium is the largest country for the production of comics in the world.
  • 36. Belgium is prohibited to marry under duress. For such marriages should be criminal liability.
  • 37. Antwerp is the fourth largest seaport in the world.
  • 38. Interesting fact Belgium: 93% of households keep a cat, dog or other pet.
The interesting facts about Belgium
The list is really interesting and well-known facts about Belgium. All of this we have gathered for you. Do not miss the interesting facts about Belgium only on site.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/25/2016
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