The resort of Eilat in Israel

The resort of Eilat in Israel Best resorts

The resort of Eilat in Israel

Millions of birds from Europe and South Asia, flying thousands of kilometers to escape the cold in hot Africa. One way that they accomplish in a few months, as long and difficult. Only one break afford birds for the entire flight, and they do it in the paradise of the Earth called Eilat.

Tens of thousands of tourists from America and Scandinavia, the UK and France, Russia and Ukraine every year is filled with luxury hotels in the most famous resort on the Red Sea coast.

When the most famous resorts in Spain, France, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria rains, the sun shines in Eilat, tourists sunbathe and swim in the sea. City of songs and dances, carnivals and festivals, warmly welcomes visitors from around the world, and never fail. An amazing combination of the unique nature of the tourism industry and modern create an unforgettable feeling of a perfect holiday.

City Kings in Eilat

Waters of the Gulf of Eilat keep warm temperature all year round. Comfortable beaches never emptied, and majestic mountains, surrounded the city from the north and west is firmly chosen by fans of excursions and hikes. In general, the distinctive feature of the resort of Eilat is the ability to satisfy all the demands. Hotels for all tastes – from super luxurious and comfortable to affordable youth models. The rich variety of water sports and attractions and quiet corners where you can just relax the soul, safari animals Haybad Reserve and Archaeological Reserve Tee.

Business card of the resort of Eilat – the underwater observatory. In the world there are only seven such facilities. Several dozen steps of the spiral staircase – and you find yourself in a fairy-tale kingdom. Behind the glass live their lives tens, hundreds of fish of all sizes and most fanciful colors, gently swaying plants, algae, live another thousand years of splendid beauty of corals. Nothing artificial – this is a real underwater world of the Red Sea.
Get in touch with him even closer you can, if you like scuba diving. Surprisingly clean, clear water Gulf of Eilat offers divers fantastic beauty of coral reef powerful.

Herod's Palace

Clean environment built on resort Eilat in cult status – in this region are no companies that could pose a threat to clean air or marine waters. Maybe that’s why Eilat is popular especially among fans of families. A healthy environment and an endless variety of children’s entertainment guarantees parents a great vacation with children. List of children’s favorite attractions added in recent years, the City of Kings luxury – it is a kind of miniature Disneyland.

Beautiful pyramid has recently grown in the heart of the resort of Eilat – one of the I-box in the world a few cinemas, offering viewers films produced by the three-dimensional ultra-modern technologies.

If you are not particularly attracted to the sights, you just want to relax and get a taste of life, offers a spa, exercise rooms, Turkish baths, numerous cafes, restaurants, and when the sun goes down and comes pleasantly cool before lovers of beautiful life open their doors to dozens of discos, bars, nightclubs, most of which are open until the morning and close only when the last visitor leaves.

underwater observatory Eilat

Forming a common tourist area, with the famous resorts and ancient monuments of architecture and history of neighboring Jordan, Eilat Resort guarantees guests a complete safety, which is an important factor not only in the current Israel, but also in the world.

However, not only this Red Sea resort attracts tourists and businessmen. Eilat is the only one in Israel, a zone free of VAT, which significantly affects the price and creates a favorable environment for business development.

Famous jewelry companies renowned for their production of gold, silver and Eilat stone unique worldwide.

Eilat night

In recent years, the city became the scientific and educational center. It opened a branch of the University, new schools are being built, schools – Eilat develops and becomes a truly fashionable world-class resort.

Today it is considered prestigious to have a property in Eilat. The housing market, as well as all other areas, trying to answer any queries. In Eilat constructed luxury exclusive villas, luxury homes, entire neighborhoods grow comfortable and affordable high-rise buildings. Real Estate in Eilat has been and remains a profitable investment – it’s from a business perspective, and on the other hand, it is nice to have at least a little, but a corner of the garden. A paradise on earth called Eilat – the city of eternal summer and eternal holiday.

The resort of Eilat in Israel
Eilat - the city of songs and festivals, the best resort on the Red Sea. Luxury holiday in the resort of Eilat. Entertainment, tours, recreational activities in the Red Sea in Eilat photos Eilat resort.
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Date Published: 05/13/2016
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