The story of Venice sights

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The story of Venice sights. I am with my fianc?e decided to go to travel to Venice. Of course, many couples spend time together in this way and for our travel we chose the most romantic city on the water – Venice!

In the fall, especially in October or November in Venice is often raised the water level. And then the water fills coast of channels, partially flooding it. Shops, churches and many sights of Venice are under flooded. Of course, in this little pleasing to the sights and many other facilities in Venice, but for tourists these exciting impressions derived from the sights, will be remembered for long years.

The main association which is caused by the word “Venice” ? is a gondola. History of these boats goes deeply to antiquity. The gondola ? is the boat of long 11 meters and weighing 600 kilograms. This boat was invented in the Venice hundreds of years ago. Since then, she has become a real sight. However, despite the impressive mass of the boat, is simple in maneuvering. With the gondola could handle 1 person by using one oar. This fact was established still by the first residents of Venice.

The road in front of us had a long. First, it was necessary to take the train and get to the Italian border, then make a connection and get to Milan, there to see the sights of the city, and already from Milan we got to Venice – a city of beautiful sights. We were warned that it was unlikely in the train will be empty seats, as many now want to see the sights of Venice, so we pre-booked seats for itself, really wanted to see Venice. We was lucky to get on a good place, it is only at us on neighboring places were no passengers. But others who wish to see the sights of Venice are less fortunate …

Literally an hour later in our wagon stopped the man, the size of which is difficult to describe in words. I can only say that this man has been in a few times more than my father, but before that, the biggest man on earth, I thought the my father. A man of this size would cost to order for itself at once two seats, but for some reason he was limited to just one, probably decided to save money :) He tried to gently, his not a small ass, sit down on the seat, located next to a lady medium in size, and to his surprise, he did not understand why she the dumped him and forbidden to sit beside her. They hotly debated on this topic for about 5 minutes, that we have barely restrained from laughing. Such was the beginning our travel  to Venice!

We reached Venice and settled in the hotel, located near the train station. This is a very good place, because it was a stone’s throw to most of Venice. It is nearing lunchtime. And then we asked the hotel manager to prompt any good restaurant. Most Italian names do not heard the way you expect to hear. So we have not been able to find the restaurant that we were advised. But we walked through the streets and seeing the sights of Venice, if still only from the outside.

We were terribly hungry and I was beginning to get upset, but then I noticed the restaurant, which was similar to the one we were looking for. The dinner turned out pretty tasty, but after it turned out by the standards of Venice prices at this restaurant are very high really. We tried the Italian pork with wine sauce and mushrooms. Mushrooms were excellent in taste, and is slightly brightened stiffness and lousy taste of pork. And for all that the waiter wanted 45 Euro, but I in my kitchen cooked this for an hour! We had no choice, and we paid. After lunch, followed by a short walk, but very soon we returned to the hotel, tired from a long trip by train and on foot.

In the morning we were awakened by the noise from the dining room (if it’s can said those), situated next to our room. Realizing that tomorrow it happen again, I tried to move to another room, but the girl-secretary said that the number of rooms available anymore. Anyway , we were going to get up this morning early to go to enjoy Venice!
The first place those we have seen, was St. Mark’s Square – a very beautiful place. If be honest, I was expecting more. Simply square was much smaller than I imagined and in addition to this, there was a lot of building materials, and at that moment occurred noisy work on bringing it into order. We decided not to wait for the completion of all these works, and we moved on. Our way to St. Mark’s Square was in bypassing most of the tourist shops. Therefore, our path was tortuous, and we are pretty tired. And desire to continue in this spirit to explore the sights of Venice disappeared somewhere. We sat down in a gondola and enjoyed the Grand Canal . And it was a great idea! The trip on a boat was much calmer of boiling city life of Venice. I photographed of a huge number of most unbelievable and romantic places, as long as we enjoy swimming on quiet water surface.

This time we had dinner at another restaurant that was mentioned in our travel guide. The dinner turned out much tastier than what we ate yesterday. The meat was not overcooked, and the fried fish was a real delicacy! The restaurant was small size, which made the atmosphere very cozy. Leaving tip pleasant waiter, we continued our travel to Venice. The next stop in our tourist guide listed was Murano – the island of Venice, where born world famous glass masterpieces. Exactly masterpieces! People from different parts of the world come to Venice to see this miracle. I was impressed by the beauty of all these glass products. Honestly, they impressed me even more than some places in Venice. Having bought glass souvenirs for relatives, we decided to go back to the hotel, as were pretty tired.

After spending a tidy sum for souvenirs, we realized that it came time to save money on food, because you can not spend all the time in restaurants or cafes. So that evening we had a bite of fruit bought at the nearby market and went to drink a glass of beer. This pub was very old, because it has its own traditions and constant competitions. How old house, which houses a pub – I do not know, but the fact that it can be safely recorded in Venice sights – I know for sure.

So, all of our staying in Venice we are not just looking at the remarkable places but too is diluted and various restaurants, cafes, driving on gondolas, and many others. So come and enjoy the beautiful city – Venice!

The story of Venice sights
Reviewed by a young couple to visit the most romantic city in the world - Venice! Read and you will have a desire to get to this beautiful city and enjoy the beauty of Venice.
My travel story
Written by: Stark
Date Published: 04/14/2016
My travel story: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
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