Sights of Cologne

Sights of Cologne Places to Go

Sights of Cologne

Cologne – the beautiful European city with ancient traditions and history. It has a set fine instructions and architectural masterpieces. If you decided to go to round on sights of Cologne, then our selection will be for you an excellent reference point on travel on the city.

The Cologne cathedral – a symbol of Cologne

Cologne cathedral

The Cologne cathedral is one of the most important architectural monuments to Germany. It enters in TOP-10 the most known and visited sights of the country. This Gothic masterpiece is located in the center of Cologne and is the main reference point and a magnet for tourists. For the city the instruction has very important historical and cultural value. She can brag of a tremendous wide facade, sharp towers and a surprising strict silhouette. All this leaves unforgettable impressions! It is interesting to know that the Cologne cathedral is included into the three of the highest churches in the world, and any cathedral will not be compared to its spike! The sight is entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO and accepts about 6 million visitors a year.

Ropeway in Cologne

This popular sight became an integral part of any tour across the city for a long time. It is put into operation in far 1957, the instruction became the Europe’s first ropeway for a transportation through the river. For these 56 years already more than 16 million tourists enjoyed fine panoramas and picturesque views of Cologne. So seize also you this excellent opportunity to diversify and recover the round.

The house of cologne 4711 – sight of Cologne

Ropeway in Cologne

Perhaps, the most known and popular shop of the city is the House of cologne 4711. History of this instruction goes far to the beginning of the XVIII century when in the house on Glokenshtrasse Street began to sell very fragrant water with unique aroma. Cologne was called by “Eau de cologne” that “Water of Cologne” is literally translated. It is interesting to know that the name of cologne appeared thanks to buyers who called odorous water on house number where it was sold. Thus, the known brand “House of Cologne 4711” appeared.

Region of Rheinauhafen – Cologne

This sight attracts tourists with the faultless look and tremendous opportunities. Here you will definitely not miss, at your disposal the beautiful embankment with a set of attractive cafes, restaurants, galleries and other entertaining institutions. It enjoys wide popularity especially on a sunset. Also on the embankment the excellent 4 – stars hotel with a surprising view of the river Rein is located. Fans of the modern art and architecture will be pleasantly surprised with inhabited and office houses in style hi-tech.

Museum of chocolate. Sight of Cologne

Beautiful evening Cologne

This instruction very much will be pleasant to you and your children! It is located near the known confectionery and enjoys wide popularity among tourists. The museum causes the real delight in all who for the first time saw it. All the matter is that he is on the island and very much reminds the real ship! As envisioned by the architect, the similar form of a construction has to be more interesting and attractive to tourists. The museum of chocolate in Cologne can please the visitors not only an unusual form, but also tremendous sculptures from chocolate, free tasting and demonstration of current trends of chocolate business. Unambiguously, the sight will be pleasant to both adults and children.

Beer of Cologne – special sight

Separate subject is local beer. Residents of Cologne are proud of the special recipe of preparation of tasty and saturated beer which name “K?lsch”. It is interesting to know that the city is a monopolist in production of beer according to this recipe. Such decision was made for increase in inflow of tourists. Therefore it is possible to declare safely that beer is loved here and are proud of the fact that their recipe of light, bitterish, saturated yellow beer is made only in Cologne!

Sight of Cologne: Town Hall Square

Known museum of Cologne

This area is one of the most beautiful in the city. Here it is always full of tourists who very much like to be photographed against a magnificent old town hall. The town hall has the big, magnificent hall where once there took place grandiose balls and celebrations. Since then indestructible were only sculptures of outstanding residents of Cologne which glorified the city and the country. It is necessary to distinguish Karl Marx who is very much loved here from the most popular persons.

St Martin’s Church – a spiritual instruction of Cologne

One of the most unusual sights of the city is St Martin’s Church. Approximately here on Rhine there were Roman swimming baths, and the big Romance temple towers now. Best of all it power and beauty can be considered on a near panorama which in Cologne there is a lot of!

The sight endured very heavy and tragic story. In the years of World War II the church was razed to the ground. In post-war time the city found new architectural breath in which the St Martin’s Church restored in 1960 became the real highlight and harmoniously added the list of sights.

Sights of Cologne
Cologne – the city full of sights and architectural masterpieces in Germany. In our article we selected an optimum tour across the known places of the city and collected a colourful photo of Cologne.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/31/2016
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