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United Kingdom – a country in northwest Europe, an island nation. It includes four “historical provinces”, each of which has its own capital. This is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The capital and largest city in the UK and the world’s most important economic and financial center – London. The other central cities are Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast.

According to recent reports the country’s population of over 63 million people. Official language – English. Official currency – the pound sterling. The UK adopted a form of government – a parliamentary monarchy. Thus, there are two actual ruler: Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister.

The first mention of the UK refers to ’43 BC, when it became part of the Roman Empire and remained so until the beginning of the V century. A single state emerged in 1066 during the reign of William the Norman commander.

The climate is temperate, is determined by the warm Gulf Stream. Rains are almost always, especially in mountainous areas. Despite this, the UK is popular among tourists.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace – Palace in London, the UK capital.

The history of the palace evolved not so noble. Built as the ducal palace, he was soon sold to the state treasury. English monarchs, from the palace hotel made for distinguished guests – foreign rulers, state ambassadors and diplomats.

Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom

Queen Victoria made him a royal residence. Palace to the general public only became available due to the sad event – a fire at Windsor Castle. The government resorted to this source of income by opening Buckingham Palace to the public. In addition, tourists go to them only in August and September.

Royal Gallery, which exhibited samples exquisite furniture, Sevres porcelain, a variety of jewelry, antique books and manuscripts, weapons, armor and paintings by famous artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Poussin. But for those who like to collect stamps opens its doors to the Royal Philatelic Museum, which has, as they say, the world’s largest collection of postage stamps of Great Britain (it started to collect in the first half of the 19th century).

Of no less interest deserves a change of palace guard. Equanimity royal guards were so attractive target for amateur and professional photo shoots. So the changing of the guard remained the only worthy spectacle for tourists.

Buckingham Palace

From the palace towards Admiralty Arch was designed by Moll, a part of the memorial complex in honor of Queen Victoria. On the other side of the Mall situated St James’s Palace, the former dwelling place of British monarchs.

For St. James’s Palace begins immediately a whole collection of various palace buildings, each of which deserves attention and a closer look.

However, in this part of London almost any building can be an old royal residence. Or a place that has its own amazing story, familiarity with which undoubtedly will bring you great pleasure.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge – one of the most beautiful bridges in the world; a unique structure in Gateshead, UK. This is the first and only existing swing bridge. Its design resembles a giant eye, which can be raised and lowered when moving.

Millennium Bridge, United Kingdom

Geographically located in Gateshead in northeastern England on the banks of the River Tyne. It is through this river is spanned tech bridge connecting the village with Newcastle. The unique tilt mechanism was introduced in order to pass on the river passing large ships. The project was designed by two talented architects: Wilkinson Eyre and.

Construction swing bridge lasted more than 2 years. He was immediately recognized as one of the most innovative bridges in the world. The mechanism consists of two identical arches, one of which is elevated above the surface of the water, and forms an oval. The other part is actually a pedestrian bridge, to which thousands of people pass every day on foot or on bicycles.

Millennium Bridge

When the bridge swims up large-sized ship, walking part rises above the water, leaving a gap of 25 meters for the passage of ships. Lifting bridge takes about 4.5 minutes, after which the whole structure is converted into a single arch. Thus, he seems to be winking. For the sake of this spectacle, many come to Gateshead. At night, the “giant eye” is especially beautiful.

By the way, this is not the only British landmark, which played up image of the eye. There are also “London Eye” – one of the world’s largest Ferris wheel. To see the original bridge, it is best to go to Newcastle. High-speed train traveling from London about 2.5-3 hours, and Edinburgh – 1.5 hours. The city has its own international airport.

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest – famous park in the UK associated with the legendary Robin Hood. In this forest come not only tourists but also locals from all suburbs of England. Geographically, it is located near the village of Nottinghamshire Edvinstou.

Sherwood Forest, United Kingdom

About Sherwood forest composed many beautiful and romantic legends. About 50 years ago, the park opened a wonderful nature reserve, which has become a popular area for recreation. According to legend, the brave Robin Hood pondered his next plan is in the woods, climbing on a large oak tree. This was the so-called headquarters of the hero. Visitors can see the oak tree, which the locals have renamed in “Major Oak”. He is considered one of the most important natural wonders in the Midlands.

Knowing the age of oak (800-1000 years), one company began to grow with the help of his clones taken from the tree sections. It not so long ago was announced a plan to establish a large visitors’ center on the territory of the forest, which will include a conference hall, observation platforms on the tops of trees, resource center on the history and ecology of Sherwood and full educational institutions. A few years ago on the territory of the forest three huge boulder, which presumably represent a place of worship of the ancient Vikings were discovered.

Sherwood Forest

Annually park receives more than 350 thousand. Tourists. flora lovers can take the seeds of birch trees of Sherwood Forest or acorns with oak-major. These unique gifts are not found anywhere else. In the summer, there is arranged a large-scale family festival in honor of Robin Hood with circus and theatrical performances, falconry shows, etc. To reach the capital of Britain to Nottingham can be approximately 2-3 hours by high speed train. In turn, from Nottingham has a dedicated railway line «Robin Hood Line».

Harlech Castle

Harlech Castle – a medieval castle in Wales, situated on top of a beautiful cliff. This is one of the most prominent architectural sites UK, part of the famous group “iron ring.”

Harlech Castle, United Kingdom

Many believe this castle the most interesting and attractive in the UK in terms of architecture. Despite the fact that he is surrounded by a massive and impregnable walls, he seemed the embodiment of power and grace rises above the waters of the Irish Sea. During his reign of Edward I built several such castles in Wales. Harlech Castle the last of them.

Harlech Castle

Compared with other castles of the ensemble, he was not so big, but extremely secure. On the one hand it is protected by a deep moat, on the other – the sea. Also reliably protect swinging gates and underground network of paths. One of these ways you can go down to the sea. With this secret loopholes castle residents could receive food during the siege. The highest part of the castle – a sentinel tower. With beautiful views of the surrounding nature reserve and the outlines of Snowdonia in the distance.

During the revolution of the 17th century Harlech was the last refuge of royalists, and his fall victory triumphed Parliament. Today, the walls of the medieval fortress held jousting tournaments and other entertainment events. You can get there on a personal car and bus on the A496 road through Barmouth.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle – the mysterious Scottish castle in rural Angus, United Kingdom. This castle is famous for several reasons. Firstly, it was born and raised mother the Queen of England. Secondly, it is in Glamis Shakespeare lodged his work heroes “Macbeth.” And, thirdly, in this castle, according to rumors, the greatest number of ghosts per square centimeter.

Glamis Castle, Great Britain

Today the castle looks quite different, it looked like in the Middle Ages. Initially, these lands was a royal hunting lodge. Castle appeared in 1376. It was a gift of King Robert II for the daughter’s husband. In the 15th century the tower added to it, and it was used more as a fortification. The biggest changes occurred in the 17-18 centuries., When it was turned into a real castle and tribal house.

Nowadays, Glamis Castle is a living, but it is open for public visits. Inside a completely unique atmosphere, inspired by Shakespeare’s plays and legends about ghosts. According to one of the legends in the chapel of the castle inhabited by the Grey Lady – the spirit of the woman, burned at the stake in the 16th century. She was accused of political espionage and attempting to poison the king, but the charges were most likely false, and therefore her soul to this day does not know peace. The chapel, designed for 46 seats, always leave one place for the Grey Lady.

Glamis Castle

She was not the only one wandering around the castle Glamis spirit. It is also home to the late Earl Beard, who lost a card game to the devil, ugly child, who was once imprisoned in a secret room, etc.

In addition to the legends, Glamis is famous for its many kilometers of garden area, arboretum with trees from different parts of the world, an extensive library and a historical archive. To get to the castle by bus from the nearby city of Dundee, which is located just 20 km away. If you drive from the capital of Scotland, travel time will be about 2 hours.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey – church in London, the UK capital.

Parliament Square may seem courtyard of a medieval castle. Surrounded by thick bushes, patterned grilles and fences, it is so filled with the famous black kebami and no less famous red buses that discern behind all this Houses of Parliament itself and the world-famous Westminster Abbey is quite difficult.

Westminster Abbey, United Kingdom

However, quite a curious visitor of London easily be able to find here all the famous attractions of Westminster Hall, the House of Commons and Lords, and that same abbey. Perhaps the only object of this area, needs no introduction – the tower of Big Ben, already familiar to the inhabitants of most of the world.

Right from Big Ben (now the “name” of which – the tower of St. Stephen) is a building of Parliament. Initially, the building was planned as a royal palace, but to the XIX century parliament ousted the monarchs of these walls. Palace of Westminster expanded, acquiring equally outbuildings and a maze of passages and all sorts of traditions of their inhabitants.

Later, the palace was burned by negligence of workers, and in the Second World War it was bombed by German bombers. After a long time the building was restored, but only as a Parliament.

The interior of the palace is amazing with numerous wall paintings, a unique collection of paintings, medieval sculptures and bronze statues of the saints Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and other famous personalities.

Until now, everything that happens in this wonderful place to the last detail copies of medieval rituals parliamentarians. Furniture, decoration, manners and handling colleagues have not changed. They use the same objects, gestures and expressions that their predecessors centuries before. Even the obligatory prayer before the meeting remained to the last word.

Westminster Abbey

Also of note is perfectly thought-out plan of Westminster: on the ground floor there is office space, meeting rooms and lounges, each of which runs a separate bar, a restaurant, a gift shop and even a hair salon; on the second floor there are historical sights: Westminster Hall, the House of Commons and House of Lords, a library, a chapel of St. Stephen and offices Lord Chancellor and Speaker; but the last two floors are occupied by offices of various committees and departments.

Opposite the citadel of the policy is the most famous in the world of the tomb – Westminster Abbey. The most famous, noble and worthy representatives of the nation, his business have earned nationwide respect and love, rest here.

Officially, the abbey is a working church, but lately it is more like a museum. You can even find tour guides, dressed as priests. But with whom precisely it is impossible to make a mistake – it is with people in red cassocks. It’s true church attendants.

Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre – one of the oldest and most famous theaters in London and across the UK, the occurrence of which is directly related to the famous English playwright William Shakespeare. This is the third theater in the British capital called “Globe”. Two previous buildings were destroyed.

Globe Theatre, United Kingdom

The authors of the project of the new building did their best to recreate the image of the theater in 1599. This theater belonged to the famous Shakespeare, but it burned down in the first half of the 17th century. The second building came in 1614 and lasted almost 30 years, but without Shakespeare. He then went to London in his native Stratford. The current building was opened in 1997. The theater season there lasts from late April to mid-autumn, and study visits are possible all year round.

Globe Theatre

The exact location of the theater, archaeologists have established. After some excavations the remains of the old theater were discovered under parking on Park Street. Also, it was found that a 16th century had the form of a polygon and not a circle. During the construction of the new theater as much as possible we tried to recreate the atmosphere of the Elizabethan era. Today, as then, in the center of the courtyard is arranged round the stage, surrounded on all sides by three tiers with seats for spectators.

In winter, the theater is used for educational purposes. Geographically “Globus” is located on Benksayd, about 200 meters from their original place of dislocation. Nearest metro station: Southwark and Blackfriars.

Beatles Museum in Liverpool

Beatles Museum in Liverpool – a museum about the history of the most popular rock bands of all time; one of the most visited museums in the UK. Located in Liverpool in a respectable area of ​​Albert Dock. This museum contains unique exhibits related to the life and work of the legendary band members.

Beatles Museum in Liverpool, United Kingdom

The museum exhibition is arranged so that visitors are immersed in the music The Beatles atmosphere. From the entrance hear well-known hits of the group. The first rooms are songs that were written at the beginning of the creation of the Quartet, and in the past – the ones that sounded at sunset career. The museum has a room dedicated exclusively to creativity J. Lennon. It is a white grand piano. Playing the legendary song «Imagine».

For fans of The Beatles – it’s just a unique place. There they can see the original vinyl records, musical instruments, personal belongings of members of the group. All of these attributes make it possible to get in touch with the history and feel a part of the music world The Beatles.

Beatles Museum in Liverpool

For more structured inspection of premises, the museum is divided into three parts. In the first part, visitors can learn the history of the group are placed in the second room of each of the participants, telling them about his solo career. The third shop you can buy records The Beatles. Parts of the aircraft, on which the group flew to the United States, the layout of the street with a pub, where once advocated a group.

In the museum you can listen to the “living history” with the audio guide. For the little ones there is an interactive area of ​​Discovery. The museum is open all year round from 9 or 10 am, depending on the time of year. Part of the exhibition is located in the Pier Head, where you can walk from the Albert Dock, or 10-15 minutes on foot or by shuttle C1. Return shuttle rides C3, and the tickets are included in the cost of visiting the museum.

London National Gallery

London National Gallery – the most visited art gallery in the UK; the largest museum of Fine Arts in London. The museum’s collection contains more than 2,000 paintings of famous artists. Previously, it was the personal collection of the banker Angershteyna – for which the gallery was built in the first half of the 19th century.

London National Gallery, UK

Gallery doors opened in 1839, although it was founded much earlier. Originally it consisted of a collection of 38 paintings, then it gradually replenished at the expense of public investment and external donors.

This London museum is truly a huge number of masterpieces. Here you can see paintings by Titian, Rubens, Gainsborough, Rembrandt and other great masters. For convenience and greater structuring of all the paintings are presented in chronological order. In addition to viewing the masterpieces in the gallery you can have a cup of coffee or to buy a souvenir.
London National Gallery

The gift shop has a copy of the pictures presented in the gallery. All those wishing to offer audio guide service. Also in the gallery are multimedia displays about each painting, the history of its creation and the author. On Mondays there is a possibility to listen to a free lecture on one or more pictures. It is noteworthy that in the National Gallery stages scenes of many famous movies were filmed. These include the TV series “Sherlock”, one of the 007 James Bond movies.

In 1992, in the presence of the Queen solemnly new wing gallery was opened. Today it is the largest collection of Renaissance paintings outside of Italy. The gallery is the panel “Compassion” brush BV Anrep. This work he dedicated to the outstanding Russian poet – Anna Akhmatova. Entrance to the gallery is free. It is open daily from 10 am. The nearest metro station – Charing Cross.

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House – the most famous opera and ballet theater in London; Britain’s biggest opera house. Located in Covent Garden.

Royal Opera House, London, UK

Construction of the current building dates back to the mid-19th century. The first building appeared in the 1720s. The theater was opened the play “So come to the light.” At this stage for the first time staged “Messiah”, “Pygmalion” and other performances of famous composers. In 1808, after the case of a fire, this place was built a new building.

Over time, many artists of Her Majesty’s Theatre in London moved to Covent Garden. However, in 1856 the building burned down again. The new theater was built in 1858. During the hostilities of the early 20th century, the theater was transformed into a dance floor.

Royal Opera House

All performances Covent Garden were awarded the highest artistic level. Not long ago, the theater celebrated its 280th anniversary. Today, the theater patronizes the Queen and the Prince of Wales. The auditorium can accommodate more than 2268 visitors.

This is one of the most innovative halls Opera and Ballet. Libretto broadcast productions, both on the screen above the proscenium and on the backs of the seats in the stalls. Many buses go in the direction of the theater (9, 15, 139), but the fastest way – a subway to the station of the same name.

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