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Denmark attractions

Denmark – a country in Europe, the capital of Copenhagen. The population is 5,405,661 people, the area – 43 094 square kilometers. Currency – Danish krone. Official language: Danish, popular languages ​​are also German and English.

Denmark situated on the peninsula of Jutland and Funen, Zealand, Falster, Lollan, Bornholm, etc. The composition of the Danish part of the world’s greatest island -. Greenland, as well as small Faroe Islands and the West Frisian Islands. In the south of Denmark is bordered by Germany, it is the only land border of the country. From the west coast of Denmark is washed by the North Sea, and from the east – the Baltic Sea. Skagerrak and Kattegat separate country from Norway and Sweden.

Major cities in Denmark: Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Esber and others.

To visit Denmark need a Schengen visa.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid – one of the most popular attractions in Denmark; bronze sculpture on the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. Located in the port of Copenhagen on a stone boulder.

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mermaid sculpture installed in 1913 on the initiative of K. Jacobsen – son of the Danish brewer. This patron was so impressed with the ballet, delivered based on the works of Andersen, which has decided to please the inhabitants of Copenhagen’s beautiful statue. Everyone knows that this story with a sad ending, so the daughter of the Sea King looks incredibly sad.

Creator of the sculpture was and artist’s E. Eriksen, model – ballerina Ellen Price, who worked at that time at the Royal Opera House. She was also the wife of the sculptor. Unfortunately, the beautiful statue has repeatedly doused with paint or attempted to cause various types of damage by vandals.

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

In 2010, the sculpture for the first time left her pedestal and was sent to the exhibition in Shanghai. In this regard, the site of the statue was temporarily established a thematic installation.

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Copenhagen just to look at the famous Little Mermaid, touch it and make a wish. The sculpture is 1.25 meters, and weight – about 175 kg. Geographically, it is located on the waterfront langelinie. Nearest metro station – Osterport.

Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace – the castle-palace of King Christian IV, the symbol of absolute monarchy in Denmark. This is the main attraction of Hillerød and a striking example of the Danish renaissance. Today it is the Museum of National History. The palace is located 30 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

Frederiksborg Palace, Denmark

Initially the palace was named after the nearby Hilleredskholmom city. It is believed that this is the largest building of the Renaissance in Northern Europe. It was erected by King Frederick II in 1560. Unfortunately, it is to this day has not come down in its original form. At the end of the XVI century, it is fully restored the son of King Christian IV, who renamed it in honor of his father. This king has greatly expanded the building and gave it the elements of the Dutch Renaissance.

Frederiksborg Palace

Nowadays, there are wedding ceremonies of kings. For example, in 1995 at Frederiksborg he married to his bride Danish Prince Joachim. Castle complex consists of three buildings, occupying a small island in a beautiful lake. In the central part of the Royal Castle, and on each side of Princess Wing and Wing Chapel.

Outside the castle pitch their delightful park-garden with fountains and statues of Neptune. Especially popular are the Throne Hall and Hunting. Also, within the walls of the castle you can see a large collection of portraits of Danish kings and other paintings that convey the full history of Denmark. Organ located at Frederiksborg perfectly preserved from 1610. To get to the castle can be a high-speed train from Copenhagen in 30 minutes.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace – the official residence of the royal family in Denmark; the top of the Danish rococo. To date, this is the main residence of the acting Danish monarchs. Landmark is located in Copenhagen, on the eponymous square. In it live the Queen Margrethe II and her next of kin.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg was built in the XVII century on draft N. Eytveda. He was devoted to his wife of King Frederick III – Queen Amalia Sofia. The name of the palace received it in honor of the ruler. Unfortunately, in 1689 a large part of the ensemble was burnt, so in the XVIII century by the order of Frederick V palace was restored. Moreover, there was an octagonal square equestrian statue of King.

Royal residence Amaliensborg began in 1794, when the former residence of Christiansborg burned down in a fire. Today this palace complex consists of 4 buildings in a pronounced rococo. They are very similar to each other. The facades of all the buildings are lined with light yellow marble. In one of them, and still pass the lush royal balls and celebrations. In other museums, telling the history of Denmark.

Amalienborg Palace, Denmark

Every day, at noon, at the palace changing of the guard takes place of honor. The main characters, of course, guards in bright-blue uniforms and tall furry hats. View at the ceremony, hundreds of thousands of tourists come. Next to the palace complex stands the famous Marble Cathedral, also known as Frederik’s Church. The cathedral is the largest in the region of the dome, 31 meters in circumference. There is also an orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky, built in view of the frequent visits of the royal family in Denmark.

The most interesting is in the vicinity of Amalienborg April 16, ie, the birthday of Margrethe II. On this day, residents of the city gather in the Palace Square, to celebrate their queen. Getting to the area is possible from anywhere in the city by bus 1A, 15, 83N, and other routes. Due to the fact that the Amalienborg is the “hallmark” of the city, any local will tell what side he was on.

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle – a strategic fortification in Denmark; Castle, made famous by Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” The castle is located in the Oresund Strait near the town of Elsinore.

Kronborg Castle, Denmark

Location Kronborg location has always been considered important from a defensive point of view. The first fortress erected in the XV century, King Erik of Pomerania, but the building, which has reached our days, was built on the orders of Christian IV. In those days it was the only castle, lined with hewn stone. Externally, the castle is a regular rectangle, surrounded by moats and ramparts.

During the reign of Christian IV Kronborg it was truly a “gold mine.” The fortress was protected by the state and collect fees from passing ships through the strait. Today, its walls the Museum of navigation and trade. The name of the castle means “Crown Castle”, which makes this particular attractions power and greatness.

Kronborg Castle

Many scientists have linked Kronborg with Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but direct evidence that this is where the events took place the famous drama, no. In any case, the road to the castle is a sculptural composition “Hamlet and Ophelia,” and in the castle courtyard every July are shown scenes from the play.

In the underground dungeons of the castle kept a valuable statue of the legendary Holger Danske,. This man, according to legend, founded the Denmark. Worthy of attention and tour through the halls of Kronborg, which once staged feasts Danish kings. To get to the castle, you can walk for 15 minutes from the station of Elsinore. In turn, to Elsinore can be reached by high-speed train their capital.

Copenhagen Town Hall

Copenhagen Town Hall – the seat of the municipality and the City Hall of Copenhagen; one of the most famous buildings in Denmark. The height of the tower Town Hall is just over 105 meters, so it is considered to be an architectural dominant of the area and around the city.

Copenhagen City Hall, Denmark

The building was built in 1905 by architect M. Nyuropa in the style of late romanticism and the so-called “Northern Art Nouveau”. Two previous town hall burned down in a fire. In 1955, the clock tower were the original watch Jens, showing not only the time and date, but also the phase of the Moon, Sunset, Christian holidays.

Copenhagen City Hall

These clocks are so accurate that their error is only 0.4 seconds in 300 years. For this reason, many have called them the most accurate timepieces. Another attraction of the Copenhagen City Hall – thermometer, from which in good weather is leaving the girl on the bike, and in cloudy – a girl with an umbrella. To get to the Town Hall Square on the bus route 95N, 96N.

It is noteworthy that the tourists can enjoy the views of the town hall, both outside and inside. City Hall is open to visitors all year round. Outside is a red brick building is decorated with a gilded statue of the founder of the city, and inside visitors are met wonderful interiors and various exhibitions. On top of the tower are 300 steep steps on the spiral staircase.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle – a former residence of Danish kings, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. The castle is divided beautiful garden, which come to admire the beauty of millions of people every year. In the castle is a museum, where you can see the royal regalia and ornaments.

Rosenborg Castle, Denmark

This miracle of Renaissance architecture was built during the reign of the powerful Christian IV (1588-1648). It was designed by a prominent architect of Flemish Stenvinkeley dynasty. This castle is the residence of the Danish monarchs stayed a little more than a century. With the arrival of Frederick IV (1699-1730), new baroque palaces and Rosenborg was abandoned.

Rosenborg Castle

Today, the royal castle is open for public visits. Admission is free. Art lovers will find there a large collection of paintings, which once enjoyed the Danish monarchs. Tourists are particularly attracted by Queen’s Park – the oldest and most visited park in Copenhagen. Next to it there is a botanical garden – a quiet area with a welcoming atmosphere and spectacular views.

Attraction is open to visitors all year round with 10 or 11 am, depending on the time of year. You can reach it on the bus 6A, 43, 94N, 185. Stop – Statens Museum for Kunst

Denmark attractions
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