Sights of Cyprus

Sights of Cyprus

This article is devoted to the best sights of Cyprus. Here you learn about ancient artifacts and thousand-year mystical catacombs. Also you will be delighted with the Acropolis and Mosaics of Pathos which are the most popular sights of Cyprus.

Acropolis – ancient sight of Cyprus


Your travel surely has to include visits of the Acropolis. It will be more correct to call this sight the whole complex of ancient buildings. The acropolis includes the Roman Odeum theater which was constructed in Cyprus in the 2nd century. It is at the moment partially restored after earthquakes in the IV century. Now it is used for summer orchestral and theatrical performances. All Acropolis is in ruins, but nevertheless it is one of the most visited sights of Cyprus. Near the Odeum remains of the known Roman temple of god of medicine Asclepius are located. All territory is well-groomed in such a way that the impression of a recent earthquake is made. The feeling is such that you were had to the IV century.

The archaeological museum – a pearl of Cyprus

Archaeological the museum was created for collecting, studying and display of archeological excavations and artifacts from all Cyprus. Quantity of exhibits of sight so huge that they were distributed to different halls on type and an era. The first hall contains pottery and stock of the periods of the Neolithic and an eneolit. Other halls chronologically display history of Cyprus throughout centuries, beginning with a bronze age and to early Byzantium. It is interesting to know that among vacationers of Cyprus exhibits which history sights 8500 years ago are the most popular. We advise all tourists to visit this sight.

Sight of the Mosaic of Pathos – pride of Cyprus

Pathos mosaics. Cyprus

In round on sights of Cyprus you being simply obliged to visit Pathos Mosaics – amazing inlaid floors in country houses of the ancient Roman nobility, since third or fifth century. The most impressive are floor mosaics of the 3-5th centuries of the aristocrat Dionysus. Mosaics show various mythological scenes, each of which is laid out by small cubes of marble and a stone with use of glass paste which considerably expanded the range of flowers. By the way, the mythology was the most popular subject in those days. Pathos mosaics – the real sight of Cyprus, and it requires special attention of tourists, in Dionysus’s House floors in 14 rooms are covered with these magnificent mosaics. So let you will spend day of an admiring them, but it will be one of the best days of your rest in Cyprus.

Saint Solomoniya’s catacombs – mysterious sight of Cyprus

The big pistachio tree protects an entrance to underground catacombs of Saint Solomoniya in Kato Pafos (Cyprus). Having approached is closer to this tree, you very much are surprised, the pistachio tree is decorated with the fabric pieces connected by residents of Cyprus in hope that this sacred tree will give them strength in treatment of various illnesses. Catacombs were cut under an ancient wall of the Roman city in the 4th century. Later here chapels of the first Christians began to settle down. In underground chapels there are a lot of interesting frescos and rock paintings left in the 13th century by crusaders. Mystery to visit of this sight of Cyprus is given stories of the guide, and also numerous legends and legends about the Saint patroness of this place Solomoniya. All visitors are recommended to take a torch, and to group of tourists to keep together. So will investigate more safely the most ancient catacombs of Cyprus. After visit of sight adrenaline and excellent mood are guaranteed.

Ethnographic museum (former museum of folk art) of Cyprus

Ethnographic museum of Cyprus

Everyone to learn recent history of Cyprus, it is necessary to visit the ethnographic museum. Here the first-class collections of folk art of Cyprus the XIX and the beginning of the 20th centuries are presented. The majority them them include woodcarving, jewelry, woven products, gobelins, an embroidery, ceramics and national suits. The museum is located in the Gothic building of the 15th century – Old episcopacy which was used as the Benedictine monastery, and then became the palace of the archbishop of Cyprus. It is interesting to know that every year the number of visitors of this sight incessantly grows so also you do not forget to learn, than there lived the people of Cyprus.

Sights of Cyprus
This article will acquaint you with the best sights of Cyprus. Perfectly issued and interesting information on the most popular tourist places of Cyprus will help you to make correctly the travel over this delightful country.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016

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