Sights of San Marino

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Sights of San Marino

San Marino – the small European state in the center of Italy. Despite the small sizes, San Marino has deep and beautiful history. For hundreds of years of existence, in the country the huge number of sights was built, the small architecture and traditions was created. We will tell about all this to you in this article.

San Marino and its sights

For many years existence, from the inconspicuous town of San Marino, the real state grew! Here own traditions, culture and even a set of interesting sights were formed. Tourists fell in love with this small state, first of all, for hospitality and hospitality of locals. Many are surprised that on some 61, such quantity of architectural constructions so harmoniously was placed.

The Mediterranean climate with soft winter and in the warm, solar summer, provides ideal conditions for studying of sights at all seasons of the year. Besides, San Marino is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rate is so low that you can safely walk any streets, without being afraid for the purse.

La Rocca fortress – popular sight of San Marino

La Rocca fortress

History of this fortress begins in the 11th century when in a huge stone the basis for future tower was cut out. The sight of La Rocca has the form of a pentagon and consists of a tower and a belltower. Long time it executed defensive function, as well as two similar to it towers in other ends of the city. At the moment La Rocca is included into the list of the main tourist places of San Marino. Surely visit tower top, only then before you all picturesque landscapes and city beauty open. Also you can indulge yourself with a coffee cup at small restaurant near La Rocca fortress.

Saint Peter’s church in San Marino

Saint Peter's church

This small sight is one of the most important and popular. The church was constructed in the 19th century, but in only 2 centuries managed to turn into the center of culture and traditions of San Marino. If you are interested in history and culture of this country, then you need no museum, just come to Saint Peter’s church. This religious monument incorporated national identity of the small state and managed to keep in itself that unique architecture inherent only in San Marino. Thousands of tourists come only to look at cultural heritage of the whole country in one small church of Saint Peter.

Museum of brands and coins in San Marino

You should not deprive of attention this museum even if you not the inveterate numismatist or the philatelist. Visit this sight, and you will not regret. There is a huge variety of the brands and coins dated still by the middle of the 19th century. The museum in the profile is one of the first in Europe. Huge collections of brands and coins from around the world for certain will force you to be fond of a new hobby. Besides, most of the population of San Marino goes in for numismatics or philately. Therefore safely enter this sight in the round.

The center of folk art or “Fair of crafts” in San Marino

Than there lives the population of the country? How has a good time? If you jam to yourself such questions, then you need to visit a traditional exhibition of folk art. There you will find abundance of goods of handwork. National handymen will show the best creations and unusual inventions. Over the years, the traditional fair became the real sight for tourists. Among guests of San Marino antiquarian products enjoy special attention and popularity. And the leader of sales decades are all favourite souvenirs. Every year national handymen think out everything new ways how to surprise the tourist. For this reason the center of folk art is the best sight for the tourist.

State museum. Sight of San Marino

State museum

The state museum – irreplaceable part of any round. Here you learn a set of interesting and useful information about history and traditions of the population of San Marino. In the museum more than 5 thousand historical relics and various artifacts are located. The archaeological department of sight traditionally enjoys wide popularity. It is explained by unusual finds of the periods of the Neolithic and the Middle Ages. You can also see works of art, pictures and sculptures of the famous artists of San Marino of the 17th century.

Sights of San Marino
It is article about sights of San Marino. Here you learn a set of interesting information on history, culture, traditions and everyday life of the city-state of San Marino.
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Date Published: 04/01/2016
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