Sights of Lisbon

Sights of Lisbon

Lisbon – the beautiful resort, the real pearl of Portugal. This city is loved for many reasons: unique color, surprising atmosphere, soft climate, food and warm ocean. However the main feature of the capital is its compact historical part with architecture and convenient sights.

Times of geographical discoveries glorified the capital and all Portugal for the whole world. In each reconnoitered corner of the world knew about this Great empire. Every year to the mouth of the river Tagus there arrived all new ships with various transatlantic spices, jewelry, gold and silk. So lasted till 1755 when on November 1 only in 6 minutes the strongest earthquake leveled the city with the earth. The subsequent tsunami took away lives of 100 thousand people, the fires destroyed all sights and thousands of volumes of unique books. There passed decades before the city managed to rise from ashes. However it was already absolutely new Lisbon – compact, architecturally uniform complex of the Portuguese baroque and a medieval gothic style.

Sights on the Floor space

Floor space. Lisbon

Let’s begin our round with the main tourist place of the city – the Floor space. Here the magnificent Triumphal arch, an equestrian statue of the king Jos? I and a symbolical marble ladder which goes down directly to the river Tagus is located. Tourists very much love this area and already traditionally begin the tour across the city from here.

Torrey de Belen’s tower – a symbol of Lisbon

Torrey de Belen's tower

This sight was constructed in 1521 at the time of government of the king Manuela І. This governor is associated with blossoming of the Empire – the period of great geographical discoveries of the Portuguese seafarers. Sailing in long trips, pioneers always looked at Torrey de Belen — the last visible piece of the native earth. But history was cruel to a tower. During Napoleonic wars it was strongly damaged and in many respects lost the original state. The main feature of a tower are gear walls, openwork balconies and the Arab style of turrets. From Torrey de Belen’s top the most beautiful view of the city and the river Tagus opens.

Cathedral — sight of Lisbon

Cathedral. Lisbon

This church was constructed on the place of cult constructions of the Roman period. Powerful walls, big belltowers and lack of windows in the lower part of the Cathedral did this construction by almost impregnable obstacle for enemies. Gloomy Gothic chapels store remains of outstanding defenders of Lisbon. The particular interest is caused by strange sculptures, fat manuscripts and several sacred medieval relics.

Museum of ancient art of Lisbon

Museum of ancient art of Lisbon

Visit of the museum of ancient art is one brightest cultural events in Lisbon tour. During small excursion you will get acquainted with pictures of the Portuguese artists of the XIV-XIX centuries, works of the African art, including traditional jewelry and ancient ceramics. About this sight leave only positive comments and advise all to visit the museum again.

St. Georgy’s fortress – pride of Lisbon

St. Georgy's fortress

During the different periods of history even ancient sights executed functions of warehouses for the weapon and prisons. The destiny of this fortress not strongly differs from others. Fortress went through difficult times, including wars and earthquakes, but stood. Among tourists fortress enjoys wide popularity as gives the chance to learn not only history of the oldest defensive works of Lisbon, but also to learn city history. In the territory of fortress the local museums often hold exhibitions.

Mafr's palace. Lisbon

Mafr’s palace in Lisbon tour

Near the downtown the most grandiose construction of the capital of Portugal — Mafr’s palace is located. Tourists often joke, calling sight “the small city”. Mafra is an example of “lacy” architecture and has own monastery, the library, largest in Portugal, a basilica, two towers with one hundred bells and, in total, 1200 rooms.

Sights of Lisbon
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Date Published: 04/04/2016

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