Sights in Liechtenstein

Sights in Liechtenstein Places to Go

Sights in Liechtenstein

How much you know about Liechtenstein? What sights and what tourist places are here? You will find answers to all questions in our today’s article!

Biedermann House. Sights of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein. Sight Bidermann House

From tens of outstanding European sights special attention should be paid on the palace Biedermann House. Schellenberg is located in the city; the palace has a unique architecture in which there are elements of Renaissance and a gothic style. History of this sight lasts since the XVI century. The architectural monument is completely built from a tree – it is the oldest similar construction in Liechtenstein. Despite historical value, the palacegradually reconstructs. So, at the end of the XX century there was reconstructed the twelfth residence – it is the magnificent 2-storey building. To get inside and to enjoy all delights of an interior you need to book the ticket in advance. We’re sure it will be enjoyable for you!

National museum of Liechtenstein

This sight settles down in the city of Vaduz — the capital of the tiny state. This museum has very important cultural value; the best models of picturesque art of Liechtenstein of 1300-1800 s are stored exactly here. Also the exhibits of everyday life of people of that time from all corners of the country are collected here. In the National museum regularly take place thematic and private exhibitions of national handymen. If you want to get acquainted closer with history and culture of the people of Liechtenstein, then you can go here.

National museum of Liechtenstein

The Administration house — Sights in Liechtenstein

It is possible to tell safely that this architectural masterpiece is the main center of tourism of the country. The house of Administration is located in the center of the capital of Liechtenstein. More than 5 centuries it played a role of the residence of the imperial government. However after restoration in the nineties of the XX century the sight lost its uniqueness and become only a part of the National museum. The former shape was lost, however you still can find rich interior and former imperial luxury.

Sight Schellenberg’s Ruins. Liechtenstein

It is one of the most important parts of historical heritage of the country. In the XII century there was a fortress Schellenberg which played an important defensive role at the different moments of history of Liechtenstein. The sight is very popular among tourists and enters in TOP-5 architectural monuments of the country. Fortress, more precisely its ruins, are important property of the people and a subject of national pride. Surely visit Schellenberg’s Ruins!

The Administration house

Red House in Liechtenstein

The red House — a unique sight the only heritage of medieval style. It faultlessly remained since construction in the XVI century. The unusual architectural concept with a stepped roof brought to the red house the first popularity. At the end of the XVI century the building was reconstructed under winemaking. With arrival of the new owner the Red house became the greatest center of winemaking in all Vaduz. This place is visible from all corners of the capital and all tourists want to look that there at hill top.

Trip to mountains. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein. Trip to mountains

It is known that Liechtenstein is the country of landscapes and in any tour you have to visit its well-known hills. Skilled tourists say that near the cities of Vaduz and Schaan there are several big hills from which the tremendous view of the valley of the river Rein and other natural beauty of Liechtenstein opens. Many also say that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Malbun ropeway of Liechtenstein

Malbun is the only ski resort in all country where the ropeway works all the year round! In winter months to this place people come for active recreation and entertainments and it is possible to get on the ropeway in the summer and to climb up to the ridge top that towers over the city. It takes only 10 minutes but be sure, it will bring a huge number of positive emotions. To behold the city from height of bird’s flight — it is improbable cool!

The museum of stamps — the known sight

One more noticeable sight of Liechtenstein is the museum of stamps. It is located near the tourist center. Therefore most of tourists at entry into the capital first of all go to visit this museum. Here the unique collection of the rarest brands in Liechtenstein is collected. This sight is the excellent place to begin the round.

Sights in Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein — not only the known ski resort, but also the popular center of sights. In our article we will tell about the most interesting and popular tourist places of Liechtenstein.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/08/2016
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