The interesting facts about Sweden

The interesting facts about Sweden
Sweden – the cold Scandinavian country with the history and culture. It is known that this country is one of the richest and developed countries of the world. And how Sweden has managed to reach everything how there was a destiny of the country throughout centuries? We have tried to find answers to similar questions for you.

The interesting facts about Sweden
  • 1. Sweden – the independent country of Northern Europe. The name of the state is translated as “the country sveev”.
  • 2. The Swede prefers to bring the child at the age of 30 years. According to official statistics, it is the greatest age in Europe.
  • 3. At the moment in Sweden more than 10 nuclear reactors work.
  • 4. Sweden kept a neutrality during the First and World War II.
  • 5. Interesting fact: In the country the housewife’s “profession” therefore more than 75% of mothers soon after the birth of the child come to work isn’t really popular.
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  • 6. Vikings – the aggressive and fearless people were ancestors of modern Swedes. The Swedish Vikings made sea campaigns to other countries for the sake of a profit and search of new territories.
  • 7. The most popular sports in Sweden are soccer and hockey. The hockey national team has won a gold medal at the winter Olympic Games in 2006. The football national team steadily speaks at the largest world championships.
  • 8. Sweden can brag of the greatest number fast food of the McDonald’s restaurants in Europe.
  • 9. The most popular Swedish souvenir is the road sign warning about an opportunity to meet an elk on the road. Every year the huge number of these signs is stolen from the Swedish roads.
  • 10. More than 300 000 people having a surname Carlson live in Sweden.
  • 11. The working class of Sweden annually receives 34 days of holiday. On this indicator the country takes the third place in the world. It is more only in Italy and Finland.
  • 12. The average resident of Sweden on average uses up to 6 cups of coffee a day.
  • 13. Average age of students of Sweden makes 25.4 years.
  • 14. Average life expectancy makes 80 years! Women have 83,4 years, and at men of 78.7 years. In many respects it is connected with excellent ecology and quiet life.
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  • 15. 90% of the population of Sweden are concentrated in the southern region of the country.
  • 16. In Sweden make thrifty use of flora and fauna very much and, for example, for murder of a sparrow can give you till 6 months of corrective works, – the interesting fact.
  • 17. In Sweden it isn’t accepted to go after leaving school to the UNIVERSITY at once. As a rule, graduates start anew to live separately, go to work, and in a couple of years only go to the university.
  • 18. “Buffet style” has begun to be used actively more than a century ago. It is known that Swedes not really like to stand on ceremony with registration and giving of dishes for the guests therefore they have thought up such way of giving of food.
  • 19. The capital and the largest city of Sweden is Stockholm. The population of the city makes 871 thousand people. Stockholm is also the cultural capital and the economic center of the country. The name of the city is translated as “the island in the gulf”.
  • 20. The area of the country makes nearly 500 thousand
  • 21. Automobile chairs for children have for the first time appeared in Sweden in 60 years of the 20th century.
  • 22. Interesting fact: for 60 years from 1850 to 1910 more than 1 million Swedes migrated in the USA.
  • 23. The symbol «@» in Sweden is called “trunk” or “elephant”.
  • 24. The population of Sweden makes more than 9.5 million people.
  • 25. In Sweden there has taken place the first population census. It was in 1749, – the interesting fact.
  • 26. The first-ever ice hotel has been constructed near the village of Jukkasjarvi in the area Kiruna. It was one of the most unusual sights of Sweden to which presentation there has arrived the record number of tourists.
  • 27. Interesting fact: more than 70% of the population are adherents of Lutheran church, more than 20% – atheists. Also in the country there are more than 300 thousand Muslims.
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  • 28. Sweden has the highest percent of personal computers per capita in Europe.
  • 29. Official currency is the Swedish krona.
  • 30. Sweden – one of the most generous countries of the world. Already several years of in a row donation to the poor countries exceed 1% of GDP. It is an absolute world record.
  • 31. Sweden has given to the world such pop groups as Abba, The Cardigans, Roxette, Ace Of Base, and also a great number of other performers.
  • 32. Astronomical lenses for the telescope have been invented in Sweden.
  • 33. Interesting fact: the Swedish scientists and writers for all history of delivery of the Nobel Prize became winners of 30 times!
  • 34. 42% of parliamentarians of Sweden – women. It is a world record by the number of women of legislators.
  • 35. In Sweden the law thanks to which by 2025 the country completely will refuse gasoline and will pass to biofuel is adopted.
  • 36. The Swedish inventors have received patents more, than inventors of any other country of Europe.
The interesting facts about Sweden
Today we have prepared for you article about Sweden. You learn a set of interesting data and the facts about this amazing country.
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Date Published: 04/19/2016

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