The interesting facts about Helsinki

The interesting facts about Helsink Interesting facts

The interesting facts about Helsink

Helsinki – cold, but it is very beautiful and rich European capital. City full of beautiful attractions, with lots of interesting information and facts. We offer you to get acquainted with this informative information about Helsinki in our article.

Interesting facts Helsinki

  • 1. Helsinki – Finland’s capital and largest city in the country. It is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
  • 2. Interesting fact: Helsinki’s population is increasing every year by 5-8 thousand people! At this moment it is more than 580 thousands.
  • 3. The city is one of the most sparsely populated European capitals. He is second only to Brussels, which has a population of only 150 thousand people.
  • 4. The Swedish king Gustav founded the city of Helsinki in 1550.
  • Helsinki is the coldest city in the world

  • 5. Interesting fact: Helsinki is the center of education, science, culture, business and public governance.
  • 6. The capital of Finland is situated along the north shore of the Gulf of Finland. It consists of 300 islands, connected by a multitude of bridges.
  • 7. Over the long history of Helsinki were dozens of interesting attractions, which every year attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. It is interesting to know that Helsinki has the most diverse monuments to popular tourist destinations among all the Scandinavian capitals!
  • 8. A unique feature of the city is the fact that in a small central area there are 8 high-quality universities and six technology parks.
  • 9. Helsinki takes a large enough area of 686 km2. Almost 500 km2 covers sea and land just 186 km2.
  • 10. An interesting fact about the population: women make up 53.4% of the residents of Helsinki and men, respectively, 46.6%, at what these indicators are constantly changing due to the high population migration.
  • 11. Helsinki is the coldest city in the world! The annual average temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius and 51 days the sun is almost does not shine!
  • 12. Interesting fact: a year in the capital of Finland, there are about 120 rainy days.
  • 13. Maple Tree and protein are the symbols of the city.
  • 14. Helsinki is located 400 km east of Stockholm (capital of Sweden), 300 km from St. Petersburg and 80 km east of Tallinn (Estonia).
  • Tap water in Helsinki

  • 15. Capital Region generates about a third of the GDP of Finland.
  • 16. The level of GDP per capita is almost 1.5 times higher than the average figures for the country, which makes Helsinki one of the richest capitals in Europe. However, this does not prevent it from being one of the cheapest European capitals. Commodity prices are several times lower than the European average.
  • 17. The population density is 2715 persons / km2.
  • 18. Interesting fact: the capital of Finland, the most northerly in the world.
  • 19. The city is supplied with water through the world’s longest tunnel, which passes through the mountains.
  • 20. Almost 92% of the population speak Helsinki in Finnish. About 6% of the Swedish and the remaining 2% – in English, which is very popular, but it is not official as the Finnish and Swedish.
  • 21. Interesting fact: Helsinki – the only city in Finland, where there are trams and metros.
  • 22. Tap water in Helsinki is so high quality that it is exported to other countries of the world, an example is Saudi Arabia, which for many years buys water in Finnish. Scientists have recognized many times with tap water, the capital of Finland the most pure, tasty and high quality in the world!
  • 23. When driving out of town there are a number of rules that need to comply with all drivers. One of the most unusual is considered to be necessarily included “passing light”. This rule must be executed under any weather conditions, both day and night.
  • of mobile phones Nokia

  • 24. The symbol of the capital’s skyline is situated in the Senate Square. Constructed it with the support of the Emperor Alexander I.
  • 25. In Helsinki, as well as throughout the country, the law, which determines the size of a fine for a traffic violation. It depends on your salary! Interesting fact: there was a case when a person earn 7 million euros paid a fine of 116 thousand euros.
  • 26. In Helsinki, there are the largest companies producing mobile phones Nokia.
  • 27. Interesting fact. Helsinki named World Design Capital for 2012.
  • 28. In the capital, annual rainfall is 709 mm.
The interesting facts about Helsinki
This article contains only the most interesting facts about Helsinki. Be aware of interesting and unusual facts about the city of Helsinki.
Interesting facts
Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/24/2016
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