Sights of Brazil

Sights of Brazil Places to Go

Sights of Brazil

Brazil abounds with charming landscapes and sights in such quantity that tourists for one trip will not manage to admire all beauty of Brazil. Add to the fine nature also the noisy cities full of the interesting museums and you learn what is Brazil.

Jungle of Amazon – sight of Brazil

Thickets of Amazon

Sight – the jungle of Amazon is included in the List of world heritage of UNESCO. Tourists of Brazil without fail have to see Amazon. The jungle is the house for a huge number of rare animals, insects and plants that does this sight of Brazil even more popular among tourists. In a jungle Amazon jungles there live up to now primitive tribes which live in the world, unique for tourists. In Brazil it is possible to travel around the jungle of Amazon in a pedestrian way or by swimming by the boat.

Sight the Iguazu falls in Brazil

Iguazu falls

Other sight of Brazil which we advise to visit to all tourists is the Iguazu falls which are on border of Brazil and Argentina and also are included into the List of world heritage of UNESCO. The Iguazu falls, the widest falls in the world, are in the territory of magnificent national park of Brazil. Here travelers will meet more than 300 kinds of birds and 700 species of unique butterflies. To the tourist locals will suggest to sweep by the boat near the Iguazu falls or to enjoy the top view, having flown by by helicopter over sight of Brazil ? the Iguazu falls. And the most adventurous travelers can enjoy a foot walk, rafting (rafting on the fast river) – the Iguazu falls will give to tourists a set of such opportunities. Direct flights to the Iguazu falls go from S?o Paulo.

Bogs Pantanal – sight of Brazil

The sight of Brazil entered in the List of world heritage – Pantanal. These are the biggest bogs in the world. The highway passing here is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the road with the most large number of bridges.
Pantanal’s woods are not so dense, in comparison with Amazonian and therefore in bogs it will be simpler to tourists to see wild natives of Brazil. To get to Pantanal, travelers need to fly to Campo Grande and Corumba from Rio-de-Zheneyra or S?o Paulo. It is possible to get to this region of Brazil and by land, but such way will be long so we recommend to reach after all sight Pantanal in air from any point of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro – the city full of sights


Practically each tourist of Brazil spends some time in Rio, and the carnival in Rio de Janeiro can make your impressions of viewing of sights of Brazil unforgettable! In Rio de Janeiro there is a huge number of beaches, and the most known Copacabana. In the city of Rio de Janeiro a set of such sights as museums, in particular, tourists visit very unusual International museum of Naive art of Brazil. Despite the small size of this museum, in its walls there are masterpieces of art, a picture and not only, the representing scenes from everyday life of the city of Brazil. Tourists should go to Korkovadu’s hill. The tram going abruptly uphill raises travelers to the bottom of a statue of Jesus Christ – a powerful symbol and sight of Rio de Janeiro and all Brazil. The view of sights of the city opening from hill top just stuns! Believe, this excursion is worth it.

Sights of Brazil
Brazil ? beautiful country full of sights! Article will acquaint each tourist with the main beauty of Brazil, and, perhaps, it will want to you will go to tour across this country.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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