Attractions Australia

Attractions Australia

Australia called the country of luck, a country of happy people, the country affable and good-natured people. In this country there dreaming adventurers and travel lovers. They beckon ostriches, kangaroos, platypus – exotic animals, which have long been praised Australia. On this continent harmoniously perfect balance of beautiful landscapes, jungle, exotic kilometers and blue swimming pools with ultra mega-cities and widespread urbanization. Due to this, Australia has managed to create unique attractions, without damaging nature.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef – a tourist mecca in Australia. This is one of the natural wonders that is entirely composed of coral; It is a system of reefs, which consists of 3000 pieces and stretches for 300 kilometers along the Queensland coast. Huge coral reef is considered one of the wonders of the world and tourist attraction with rich flora and fauna. Above the reef fly airplanes and helicopters, in which tourists admire Australia bird’s-eye view. It also come to scuba dive, swim underwater and take pictures of colorful fish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Great Barrier Reef includes in its membership more than 70 coral islands, including Hamilton, Hayman, Dunk, Brampton, Keppel, Bedarra, Lizard, and others. On each of the islands of the Australian tourist attractions organized recreation and entertainment. Here, everywhere there are sandy beaches and hotels, and in the tropical forests are home to birds and beautiful butterflies; pubs with live music, and is equipped with everything for a comfortable stay of tourists. This attraction may be the real miracle of nature.

Sydney Tower – Australia travel joy

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower – the second highest point in Australia and the third largest tower in the southern hemisphere. Its height is as much as 305 meters, which allows you to see the entire city at a glance. The main feature of this “miracle” a huge observation glass area and a luxurious “hanging in the air” restaurant. Sydney Tower is so large that it can simultaneously accommodate about 1,000 people. On top of the tower you can order a ticket for the popular virtual tour of the sights in a special 3D cinema. It should be noted that tourists love this place and call it the best lookout in the world!

Ayers Rock – a mysterious attraction

Ayers Rock

Another interesting place is the red rock of Ayers Rock. It is considered a real product of nature, it is the oldest rock and rises to 348 meters to the sky. Ayers Rock – orange-brown oval-shaped rock that formed 680 million years ago. One can only imagine how many eras passed by it as a generational change, as long as this kind of attraction stood motionless on the ground. Slowness oval hump this monument – 2.5 kilometers and a width of about 1.5 km of rock – this is all that remains of a huge mountain range Peterman. Rock is a member of the Australian National Park Uluru-Kata Tewitt. The very emergence of the rock mass Peterman caused a lot of controversy, speculation and controversy, since the middle of the mountain appeared almost endless and flat desert. Now, however, it belongs to one of the most spectacular sights of Australia. It was believed that Ayers Rock – a giant meteorite, which fell on the plain. It is also thought that the rock – is the product of erosion, namely the destruction of the infinite heights of the relief natural forces. Climb to the top of the Australian monolithic rock is not everyone’s strength, but in dangerous places this Australia sights set of metal railings, and the most risky climbs overcome climbers with insurance. From the top of Ayers Rock offers a beautiful view of the desert, where only here, except that the foot of the cliffs and the District of green small sparse grove of eucalyptus and acacias.

The best of the best, or the Opera House in Australia

Opera House in Australia

Opera House – the most famous tourist attraction on the continent. It is the flagship of modern architecture, and is in the top 10 most popular destinations on the planet. The main feature of this masterpiece is its bizarre shape: a huge ship with sails raised. Intersno know that the Opera House is completely on the water and has more than 1,000 rooms for various exhibitions and galleries. But the main purpose of attractions are theatrical performances, and their year there are almost 3000! According to analysts’ estimates, the Opera House is considered one of the most photographed in the world!

Cape Byron – Australia Eden Area

Cape Byron - Australia Eden Area

Cape Byron – another famous attraction in Australia. It is also called Byron Bay and it is located in the east of the continent. Cape is named after John Byron, who in 70 years of the XVIII century, made a military frigate with 24 guns of world travel. A imprinted on the map of this attraction the infamous James Cook, whose natives have eaten one of the islands. On the edge of the Cape Byron lighthouse, which offers a wonderful view of the ocean and dolphins frolicking in it. But these beautiful creatures here can only be seen from June to October.

On Vategos Beach, and Main Beach are often found surfers, tourists, lovers of exotic massage and meditation. There is also popular flights in a hang-glider and brief surfing courses. Even you can swim with scuba diving, and in the Marine Reserve Julian Rocks also swim with the dolphins. The sights of Australia, mainly carry natural monuments that make the country even more attractive and mysterious.

Attractions Australia
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