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Batumi Resort

City and port in Georgia, on the Black Sea coast and capital of Adjara main tourist center of modern Georgia. Today the resort town of Batumi is the most important cultural, economic and tourist center of Georgia.

Batumi resort called the city of wonders. Each building is a work of art, each fountain is beautiful in its own way. Puzzle of the narrow cobbled streets, as a rebus, who want to solve as long as possible, prolonging the pleasure itself.

Meeting with the resort town always starts from the sea, it is to be headed for everyone who is tired of city dust and the usual bustle. Heat incandescent stones underfoot and the smell of salt mixed with a breath of fresh air. Batumi Beach affectionately greets his guests. At the height of the season on the Batumi beaches a lot of tourists.

Batumi beach Resort

On the beach everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Someone sacrifices himself tan, someone does not get out of the water, and some people prefer leisure. Here you can ride on a banana, substituting face under the warm salty breeze. For those who think a walk on a banana a childish prank, have fun more extreme example, paraselling. Feel like a bird and inspect all Adjara coast with a parachute in ten minutes – the test is not for the faint of heart. Popular walks on a yacht along the coast of Batumi, surrounded by flocks of dolphins. Such trips very special – apart from the fact that the high seas offer a great view of the entire coast, boat captains are usually allowed wishing to swim in the open sea away from the shore.

Pleasure, too, need to relax or even to replace them with others. After an active marine recreation played out appetite. Far do not need to go – right on the Batumi Boulevard located objects for all tastes food. Especially tasty Adjarian cuisine. Arrive in Batumi, and not try Ajarian khachapuri, which is not like all the other khachapuri – a real crime. The cost of a small national cuisine, is available to any tourist.

After a delicious dinner you can relax in the park, wander through the souvenir shops in search of something interesting, to buy souvenirs with sea-themed or any decoration. Taking a walk on the Batumi necessarily uvidesh unexpected miracle, for example, you can easily find one of the Hollywood stars who travel the resorts in the world, and even buy property here – one more proof of the recognition of the world resort of Batumi.

Sight resort of Batumi

If you do not want to walk, you can take a special pleasure tram or rent a bicycle.

Batumi evening looks like a huge colorful kaleidoscope images which are replaced every moment. Passing the glittering shop windows of famous brands, you can find street musicians who entertain the audience with incendiary tunes.
Club life boils Batumi. Dozens of clubs every night offer entertainment for all, the most pretentious taste.

Batumi Attractions

First of all, I would like to highlight the famous Batumi Boulevard – it is very beautiful, every night is going to a lot of local residents and visitors to see the magnificent dancing and singing fountain, directly in the middle of which is the marriage house, its shape reminiscent of the alien ship. Batumi Boulevard – is generally a separate world, where everyone can find for himself something interesting, but the most important thing in a walk along the boulevard for the first time – the feeling that the sea has been very close and is about to appear on the horizon.

Not far from the Batumi port, you can watch moving towards each other and statues circling the guy and the girl, who became one of the symbols of the city. In the evening, the statues are poured by different colors, conveying an unusual effect.

Park Batumi resort

Night Batumi – a fairy tale, but the boulevard – the place is fantastic. A colorful original building nearby – this is not a trendy hotel – a House of Justice of Georgia, in which the citizen in just one day can get all the requested document, and right in front of – a miracle of technology – 3D fountain. The first impression from what he saw – a shock when suddenly out of the water there is a virtual dancer with a partner.

It is difficult to say when Batumi beautiful – day or night. Fountains, lined up in the middle of the lake are singing, dancing and iridescent.

Batumi city does not forget the bright and not a standard. It is impossible not to love and hard to part with it. This is where lovers meet, falling stars and dreams come true – a very important thing to want.

Batumi Resort
Batumi City resort - recreation and fun at sea, Batumi Boulevard, beaches, dancing fountains, landmarks, photos Batumi. Come to the resort town of Batumi, and you will remember this trip forever.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 05/16/2016
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