Sights of Copenhagen

Sights of Copenhagen Places to Go

Sights of Copenhagen

Copenhagen abounds with fine historical sights, the majority of which it is the best of all to see during walk on the Nyhavn channel, known to all Denmark. An architectural variety of sights of Copenhagen will not force tourists to miss therefore you can safely go to round and enjoy travel on one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, across Copenhagen.

Tivoli’s gardens – popular sight of Copenhagen

Tivoli's gardens

It is sure that this world famous sight will be to liking to any tourist, Tivoli ? is more, than just central park of Copenhagen, is one of the most fascinating amusement parks in the world. The sight attracts about 3 million visitors annually. It is located in the center of Copenhagen, occupies rather small territory, but is the most popular amusement park of Scandinavia and the third on attendance in Europe. History of this sight originates since 1843 when Copenhagen still was the strengthened city surrounded with high shaft and a deep ditch. Tivoli is divided into two parts: one part of the case beautiful tiny gardens, and another occupy theme park with a huge number of entertainments. Visit this sight of Copenhagen.

Nyhavn channel – picturesque sight of Copenhagen

Nyhavn channel. Copenhagen

History of this popular sight begins in 1673. Then the decision to connect the central part of Copenhagen with the sea was made. It is interesting to know that residents of the capital of Denmark for fun call sight “the longest bar of Scandinavia”. It because along all channel in ancient houses numerous restaurants, bars and cafe are located. It is possible to tell that this part of Copenhagen never sleeps, here day and night pass various celebrations and entertainments, and wooden sailing vessels create the atmosphere of medieval Copenhagen. For tourists this channel is not only a convenient way to see other sights, but also to visit the house number 20, most known in Copenhagen. In the middle of the XIX century the famous storyteller Hans Christiaan Andersen who wrote the first stories to the period between 1834 and 1838 lived in it. On small travel on the capital of Denmark along Nyhavn channel you are also offered to visit 2 houses where there lived Andersen and many other known sights of Copenhagen later.

Sight lock of Rozenborg. Copenhagen

Zamok Rozenborg. Copenhagen

Rozenborg ? graceful sight of Copenhagen and true pride of the country! Smartly executed in the Renaissance style, it bewitches the scales and greatness of any tourist. Having approached is closer to sight, you, undoubtedly, are surprised to almost ideal appearance of the lock, and he is more than 5 centuries old. In due time it modestly served as a mansion of the king Christian IV until he died in 1648. Today the sight is important cultural institution of Copenhagen, acting as the public museum of history of royal family of Denmark. Also the lock of Rozenborg is storage for royal jewelry and regalia. They are stored in the cellar, however tourists can go down and look at the greatest congestion of jewelry in all territory of Copenhagen there at any time. One of the most popular places in the lock are huge, magnificent gardens in which it is the best of all to hide from city noise and vanity. It is worth visiting this sight to all tourists, it is one of the few places of Copenhagen where it is possible to have a rest really.

Statue of the Little Mermaid. Copenhagen

Statue of the Little Mermaid ? pretty sight of Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid – a unique architectural miracle of Copenhagen. It is located on the rock in Langelinie (the embankment in the center of Copenhagen). The Little Mermaid is one of the sights of Copenhagen which are most visited by tourists. The sculpture was established in 1913, and since then more than one million people visit it every year. Despite the small height of sight (1,25 meters), it enjoys the increasing popularity every year, her beautiful naked breasts and a fish tail are important factors in involvement of tourists. The sculptor Edward Eriksen, simulated the Mermaid’s head from the ballerina Ellen, once famous in Copenhagen, and the wife of the sculptor who posed nude for it helped to create a body of the charming Little Mermaid. I advise you to visit Copenhagen and it is obligatory to look at this magnificent sight.

Sights of Copenhagen
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Date Published: 04/03/2016
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