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lake Heviz

The geological rarity – Lake Hévíz, located in Hungary. Close to another very interesting Lake Balaton, in the green, protected hills on the south-west of the Danube Intermountain.

Lake Heviz – the largest thermal lake in Europe. Its chemical composition is not unlike any other body of water in the world. At the moment, it is a resort, which is popular all year round due to the fact that the water in the lake is always warm. Three sources are underwater cave lake is fed with warm water and minerals, the water temperature therein from 38 to 42 degrees.

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The Lake Hévíz due to high temperature, almost no living creatures, except for small fish, water lilies and lilies that live in cooler channels.

Despite its large area, which is about five hectares, Heviz warms its sources completely in the summer the water temperature is 35-39 degrees, winter is not below 25 degrees. Thanks to the surrounding forests, preventing winds on the lake creates a specific microclimate for standing over the water vapor, sulfur and radon rich in trace elements. The water in large quantities are useful for the body of calcium, magnesium, carbonates, leachable hot springs from the earth.

In the famous spa resort from all over Europe gather suffering from gastrointestinal disease, periodontal disease, impotence, psoriasis, gynecological diseases. There is also undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing operations of the musculoskeletal system, injuries, treat diseases of the joints, rheumatism. Thanks to secrete natural antibiotic silt in the lake no pathogens and harmful bacteria. Water in the lake is completely renewed every day.

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Average bathing in the lake of Hévíz is not recommended, as the stay in the water for more than 30 minutes, increases the load on the heart. Therefore, those who underwent cancer surgery, asthmatics, high blood pressure, people after a heart attack, as well as children under 14 years of being in the lake is contraindicated. One day before bathing can not drink alcohol. There are also contraindications for the stay in the lake for pregnant women suffering from bleeding, anemia, heart failure.

Vacationers at Lake Hévíz are some interesting excursions around palaces and museums of Lake Balaton, the mountain Kovacs, Human Rights in the park, watch jousting tournament at the castle Sümeg. It hosts beer and wine festivals, football matches, operetta evening. Cycling and horse riding on the protected park will also be useful in terms of cognitive and wellness.


Local chefs in the many cafes, bars and restaurants of the resort will prepare for you a variety of dishes, both traditional Hungarian and other countries.

If you suffer from one of these diseases, a trip to Lake Heviz will help you to overcome the disease without any side-body interventions, both therapeutic and surgical. Nature has gathered in one place all the necessary components for a speedy deliverance from disease.

Lake Heviz
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Date Published: 05/24/2016
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