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resort of Baden-Baden

A small German resort town of Baden-Baden with a population of about fifty thousand people, is widely known not only in the country but also outside of Germany. Most popular resorts brought healing thermal springs, located on its territory.

Ever since ancient times on these properties, the sources were known to healers who prescribed the noble lords of the famous courts of Europe to visit the healing waters to improve your health and heal wounds. There were built luxurious mansions and magnificent baths, some of which have survived to the present day.

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Over time, the spa resort of Baden-Baden was transformed more and more, and now has become an outstanding wellness and spa center with a well designed tourist infrastructure, luxury shopping and entertainment centers, hotels and casinos, theater and philharmonic society. The city attracts many wealthy tourists. Rest in Baden-Baden now – a sign of high social status and wealth. That is why it is supported by a very high standard in terms of service and meet the most sophisticated needs and requirements of affluent guests.

The resort of Baden-Baden – a place where you rest in the present, forgetting the time, life troubles, fatigue and stress.


The symbol of the spa resort of Baden-Baden are thermal fountains, such as Sofienshtrasse and Steigenberger. Many medical institutions, located in the city and in the suburbs, have a long history, which is calculated not by one century, and some Roman thermal fountains are built for more than 2,000 years ago. The architectural style of these institutions is the signs of the Roman era – with multiple rooms with pool and sauna. No less popular and terms of modern construction, such as Caracalla.

The main and probably the most beautiful sights of Baden-Baden is, oddly enough, a casino – by the fact that it is housed in a beautiful building built in the XIX century under the name Spa house.

In health resorts resort of Baden-Baden in patients undergoing rehabilitation post-traumatic and post-operative period, here treat diseases of the peripheral nervous, respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular system, metabolic disorders, andrological and gynecological problems. As you know, the German medicine is one of the best in the world. In addition to treatment clinics in the resort can be a complete examination of the body by a specially worked out by individual programs.

city parks

Fans of outdoor activities and sports resort offers excellent tennis courts, open and closed – here is the oldest tennis club in Germany, founded in 1881, as the oldest and most elite golf club of the country – “Golf Club Baden-Baden.”

Lovers of delicious meals of Baden-Baden restaurants offer all the splendor and delights of French, Spanish and German cuisine. The wines of local winemakers, such as Varnhalter Klosterfelzen Noyvayerer Riesling and enjoyed continued popularity among tourists because of its taste and bouquet fullness, characteristic for this territory.

Baden-Baden resort
Description of the town of Baden-Baden, attractions, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases in the spa resort of Baden-Baden. This article we have prepared especially for you.
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Date Published: 05/17/2016
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