Quebec Attractions

Quebec Attractions Places to Go

Quebec Attractions

Quebec City – the capital and second largest city in the same province. The historical part of the city included in the UNESCO heritage list and is the most popular among tourists. But do not limit your tour of Old Town Quebec only, even here there are many other beautiful and very interesting attractions for tourists.

Chateau Frontenac. Quebec

Château Frontenac. Quebec

Chateau Frontenac – is not just a hotel, and one of the most recognizable and popular places in the city, famous landmark and an architectural masterpiece. During its long history the hotel has become a real museum, where one can learn the history of Quebec and the provinces. For tourists Ch?teau Frontenac is the main reference point and the start of all tours around the city. The hotel is a key component of any tour and an integral part of the architecture.

Notre-Dame-de-Quebec – spiritual reminder of Quebec

Notre-Dame-de-Quebec - spiritual reminder of Quebec

The church was built back in 1647 and is the oldest cathedral in Canada. Notre-Dame-de-Quebec – this is one of the main shrines and spiritual centers of the country, is located crypts four governors and many bishops of New France. Here you will see the rich interiors and luxurious facilities, and find peace of mind and grace. Attraction definitely recommended to visit all those interested in the spiritual component of the lives of ordinary citizens of Quebec.

Aquarium de Quebec – notable attraction

Aquarium de Quebec

Aquarium – it is one of the most popular and visited places in the city. If you went on a trip with the whole family: children and even the mother-in, it is better not to find places of interest! Here you can see more than 10,000 marine animals! Some inhabitants of the aquarium can be ironed, play with them and even swim. The clear leader among the younger generation are trained walrus and seals that perform any tricks to enthusiastic children.

Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts

Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts

National Museum of Fine Arts – the largest cultural attractions. Here you can find the permanent collection of over 25,000 works of local craftsmen and artists of the XVII century. All art lovers an unforgettable excursion into the creative past of Quebec and the provinces. Also, you expect special exhibitions, different urban and national holidays. Most cultural value has a creative gift shop that will not leave anyone indifferent. All exhibitions are held on a regular basis, so you will always be welcome here.

National Assembly. Quebec

National Assembly. Quebec

The National Assembly is the de facto parliament of the province with all respective legislative capacity. It is one of the oldest legal institutions in the world and in our time has gained immense popularity among tourists. Even while the parliamentarians are conducted tours for tourists, not boring and standard, as you probably think! Landmark offers excellent interactive tours and allows visitors to watch in real time as the meeting of the ministers are working parliament and MPs. You are also invited to reserve a table in the restaurant with a stunning view from the window.

Entertainment in Quebec – Summer Festival

One of the most memorable moments of the summer is a 11-day music festival in Quebec. This legendary event since 1968 gathers music lovers from Canada, the US and other countries. Traditionally, it is performed on the first Thursday of the second Sunday of July. Every year the festival attracts more than 1.5 million people, and among tourists it is almost the main entertainment program in Quebec. In 43 years old festival has become a real attraction and pride of the city, so be sure to visit him in his tour.

Winter Carnival in Quebec

Winter Carnival in Quebec – a real tourist attraction

Winter Carnival – it is the third largest and most popular carnival fun after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans stunning celebrations. Since 1954, here are held the traditional concerts, competitions, exhibitions of ice sculptures, as well as all your favorite sled dog race. Within 2 weeks of celebrations attraction visited by over 1 million people from around the world! Winter Carnival is called the best choice for tourists in winter.

Quebec Attractions
Quebec City - the capital and second largest city in the same province. There are many beautiful and very interesting attractions for tourists.
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Date Published: 03/24/2016
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