Sights of Belgium

Sights of Belgium Places to Go

Sights of Belgium

Belgium – surprising beauty the European country. It has the culture differing from other European. Being in Belgium, you will feel how the mentality of people as far as their relation to everything differs from other people exchanged. Belgium differs even from next, for the long history this country did not get under influence of cultures of other countries and the people. Belgium – the country full of sights, surprising landscapes and unique culture.

Belgium, sights of Brussels

Sights of Belgium

Whole bouquets of various sights the capital of Belgium – Brussels meets us. The first that is noticed by tourists, is model Gothic architecture of Brussels. And the art nouveau style which gathered at the end of XIX beginning of the 20th century, captures imagination singularity of creations. Being the capital of the small country, concerning other European “giants”, Brussels enjoys wide popularity among tourists. It very just speaks: You sometime saw such capital where the headquarters of NATO and all European Union is located, and a symbol of the city is the 60-centimeter pissing boy! And to enjoy everyone not only man-made sights, it is offered to visit smart reservoirs in “The Bruxelles park”. Surprising beauty the Royal palace and Bolshaya Square became an integral part of round on sights. The royal palace, for all 5-century history never saw the king, but now is wonderful sight of Belgium. The museum “Mini-Europe” – one of the most visited museums of Europe. It will become the best addition to your travel for sights of Belgium. Well and, of course, the Triumphal arch – important part of history, this fixation of a significant event of the 50 anniversary of independence! This arch is one of final places of round on Belgium. By the way, the best and tasty wafers in all Europe are prepared in Brussels!

Sight Antwerp – the center of rest and jewelry of Belgium

If you wish not only to see the sights, but also to have a rest properly, then it is necessary for you to Antwerp. It is called “the city of dealers in diamonds” for a long time. At this city there are a lot of really beautiful sights: cathedrals, museums, areas and sculptures. And the center of rest it is called because of a huge number of bars, clubs, cafe, pubs which enjoy not small popularity in all Belgium.

Buyon – one of the centers of tourism of Belgium

Sight of Belgium

This beautiful city of Belgium enjoys wide popularity among tourists, many wish to see not only man-made sights of Belgium, but also to feel pleasure by nature which can be seen in one of such cities of the province of Belgium. This lock gained fame for the whole world after the first really successful crusade of the owner. The lock is not the main sight of this beautiful city of Belgium, the majority comes for the sake of surprising beauty of landscapes of mountains and the nature here.

Leuven – heart of a pothouse of Belgium

After the big account this city became popular among tourists because here the best beer of Europe originates. Known not only to all Belgium “Brewery of Artua” which owner thought up to beer the name “Stella” in due time. Since those times of tradition of brewing all improved, and judges became more and more. Beer is not the only sight of this small city of Belgium, but is part of leisure of locals, people gather on Square “Oude Markt” after work, and this sight turns into a big pothouse! Nevertheless, the best sight of Leuven is old, but very beautiful town hall. The center of this town is added with the excellent fountain which the majority of time is occupied not by guests of Belgium, but local students.

Eternal sights of Belgium

Sight of Belgium

All judges of music should go to Mechelen (Belgium) – Beethoven’s homeland. And the bewitching sound of bells will force you to be late here longer. Who sometime was in Belgium, that knows that the full impression of round on sights without Waterloo – will not be! Waterloo – the center of Belgium, surprisingly rich in monuments of architecture and history, full of sights. Generally it is devoted to Napoleon’s campaigns, him, and fight between two mighty armies of Wellington and Napoleon…

The beautiful city of Ghent, the Big Ardennsky wood of Belgium, very tasty and nourishing kitchen – it is possible to tell much about all this. Sights of Belgium cannot just be described completely words.

Sights of Belgium
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Date Published: 04/08/2016
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