Sights of Bavaria

Sights of Bavaria Places to Go

Sights of Bavaria

Bavaria is the biggest of 16 lands of Germany. It is located in the center of Europe that gives it a favorable location and appeal to tourists as in Bavaria a huge number of sights. From Bavaria in several hours it is possible to reach Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Zurich and Rome. Extent of Bavaria can be compared to air distance between Munich and Moscow. The natural variety of Bavaria is really surprising, there are Alps and the highest point of Germany to Tsugsshpittsa here. Here the Danube and Main River results, and in the western part of the Alps the Boden Sea was located.

The lock Novanshtayn – popular sight of Bavaria

Lock Novanshtayn

Bavaria is rich with the sights. Each of them can tell a lot of things and about a country story, and about its present. Far from large settlements where there pass tourist routes, there is one of sights – the lock Novanshtayn. Today it is open for tourists. Visit of this sight of Bavaria is possible according to two tourist programs at choice. There is an opportunity to visit only Novanshtayn, or to become the guest of two next Hohenschwangau Castle constructed by Ludwig’s father.

The beautiful view of the Alps mountains and valleys opens from lock windows Novanshtayn – the known sight of Bavaria. Tourists can visit castles and walk on historic center of the city of F?ssen. In translation from German Novanshtayn means “a new swan stone”. This sight of Bavaria in the 19th century is constructed. A year more than one million tourists visit the castle.

Lock Novanshtayn

The king Ludovic the Second once considered Novanshtayn as the residence. He was called Ludwig Bezumny because he so dreamed to create an architecture masterpiece from the lock that spent all state treasury for construction. He was stripped of power even before completion of construction works. As well as the fine facade of the lock with its peaked towers, an interior also looks perfectly. Ludwig devoted to his operas Wagner and decorated all walls with pictures on ancient German sagas. Other keynote of an interior of this sight of Bavaria is the swan. Also say that stored in the lock furniture, pictures, jewelry and many other things which were intended for a personal collection of Hitler already later.

Village of Oberammergau. Bavaria

This known village held a specific place in Bavaria tour. It is located in the middle of the mighty Alps and the dense wood. And the main feature of Oberammergau is the unique tradition to decorate the houses with wall frescos. In the 18th century began to paint the houses with characters from fairy tales, bible and knightly stories here. Then it was the main indicator of wellbeing and wealth. Now it got an esthetic color and serves for involvement of tourists from around the world.

One more interesting feature of this sight is the unique theatrical performance “Christ’s Sufferings”. It will be out time for 10 years here to honor memory of the dead from terrible plague of the 17th century.

Village of Oberammergau. Bavaria

Last time in this corner of Bavaria began to revive the old tradition of pottery, carving and painting. To tourists it very much is pleasant as they can not only buy beautiful souvenirs of handwork, but also make them!

Cave of virgins – the mysterious place of Bavaria

One more sight of Bavaria is the cave of virgins. It represents a monument of archeology and is shrouded in legends. They say that up to the Middle Ages sacrifices were carried out here. From the Iron Age this area is well-known for the pottery, namely linearly – tape ceramics. The name to a cave that is considered today sight of Bavaria, was given after here found a set of female skeletons which, most likely, were sacrificed. Them was more, than man’s, from 40 found – female there were 29.

Cave of virgins. Bavaria

The first excavation in caves was carried out in 50 years and then skeletons carried to the period in 6 thousand years. The scientist Otto Kunkel directed excavation. There were facts that marrow was removed from some skeletons. It agrees research of some scientists, perhaps, people who for many years lived in a cave were cannibals. All secrets which shroud a cave give a reason to call it one of the most mysterious sights of Bavaria.

Royal estate Linderkhof. Bavaria

The lock Linderkhof – one of the small and the most beautiful in Bavaria. Here everything is thought over to trifles: from a structure form till color of vases. In Linderkhof prevails rococo and elements of baroque. All this is supplemented with the fancy frescos displaying the known scenes of the German mythology and sculptures from porcelain on all perimeter of the lock. For tourists several rooms and halls are opened, but the most interesting Ludwig Bavarsky’s bedroom with a crystal candelabrum and artificial falls is considered.

Royal estate Linderkhof. Bavaria

To relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery, you can walk through the Moorish pavilion at Manor park.

Bavarian wood

One more sight of Bavaria it is possible to call the Bavarian wood. It is the rest of ancient forest area which remained also till our time. It occupies the space more than 2000 square kilometers and was stretched on borders of Germany and the Czech Republic. Remoteness of the wood from settlements gave a reason to consider that for this reason its most part did not suffer from intervention of the person. In 1969 in the territory of the wood the national park which and called “The Bavarian wood”, and all was created in order that this sight of Bavaria remained under protection of the state and the nature remained in original state.

Bavarian wood. Bavaria

Many small streamlets proceed in the wood, they proceed on slopes of mountains and fall into bogs. After the national park was organized here, deforestation stopped, drainage ditches were blocked and bogs began to be restored. Right now it is possible to consider the wood as the real sight of Bavaria. Here the huge number of various plants grows, for example, the humid climate is suitable for a birch and a fir-tree. Here martens are found, otters, deer and lynxes, birds of different types also live in the wood.

Sights of Bavaria
Bavaria offers a set of magnificent sights for tourists. In this article we collected the best vacation spots and travel in Bavaria.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/04/2016
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