Sights of Washington

Sights of Washington Places to Go

Sights of Washington

The capital of the USA, Washington is simply filled with various sights therefore be ready to what from the first all of you will not manage to see. If it is the first visit of the tourist, then his route has to pass surely through such sight as Natsionalnaya Avenue and some other sights of Washington. 10 points which the real tourist wishing to see the sights of Washington cannot pass are below provided.

The building Smitsonian – sight of Washington

The building Smitsonian

Begin viewing of sights of Washington with the editorial office of the famous magazine “Smitsonian” where each tourist can obtain the map and information on all sights and the museums of Washington. The capital has various museums beginning from the museums of arts, finishing the museum of conquest of space. Try to plan the visits of the museums and in other sights, but do not even try to see everything for once. We strongly recommend to allocate to each tourist wishing to see the sights of Washington time to look also at compositions of the National museum of history and the National museum of aircraft and space and other not less interesting sights of Washington.

Walk to sights: To national monuments and memorials

Stella of a memorial in Washington

National monuments in Washington really impress. The best time to enjoy them – the night when the lights lends additional beauty to these attractions. Besides at night in Washington you should not look for long the place, where to park the car and other tourists will not distract you. But if visit is planned for day time, then special tourist buses on which you will be taken for a drive across Washington are offered tourists, and will tell about sights.

Walk to 3 state buildings of Washington

All tourists who arrived to see the sights of Washington are simply obliged to see Kapitol’s building – the building of the Congress of the USA, sight the White House – the residence of the U.S. President and the building of the U.S. Supreme Court. These 3 buildings represent 3 branches U.S. authorities. Surely plan the visit also on such sights as U.S. Government buildings as some rounds have to be planned in advance and demand collaboration with representatives of the Congress in Washington.

Look at Georgetown full of sights


Georgetown is the district of Washington ancient port full of sights. If you the shopaholic, then such area as Georgetown is paradise for you. Streets of old quarter of Washington are filled with restaurants of various national cuisines. Tourists visit local sights, buy souvenirs, and later enjoy a pleasant lunch at restaurants of Georgetown.

Tourists of Washington enjoy concerts in the center of Kennedy

center of Kennedy

Passable to Washington, tourists will be able to find the real theatrical representations in the Center of artistic arts of John Kennedy. Believe that these theatrical concerts stand your attention not less than sights of Washington. Insistently we advise the tourists who arrived to the capital of the USA beforehand to buy tickets.

Concert in Washington in Wolftrap Farm Park

Wolftrap Farm Park

Besides viewing of sights of Washington, tourists can hear any genres of music in Wolftrap Farm Park which is devoted to acting skills. In the summer concerts take place under the open sky, in the rest of the time – indoors. Wolftrap Farm Park is in 20 minutes of driving from Washington and its sights.

Go to a foot walk on sights of Great Falls Park, Washington

In Great Falls Park tourists arrange small picnics and enjoy a fascinating view of the river Potoma, and on the other hand on sight of Washington. The total area of sight of Great Falls Park – 800 acres. Great Falls Park is only in 22 km from Washington.

Enjoy beauty of the mountain Vernon

Mount Vernon

Not so long ago the museum and the educational center were added to this complex. Today the sight the mountain Vernon is available to visitors of Washington all day. Mount Vernon was the first residence of the capital. On the mountain Vernon is the restored house of the first U.S. President – full of sights of that time. The interior of the 14th room house of sights remained invariable since its creation. Mount Vernon is in Northern Virginia.

Walk on the ancient city of Alexandria ? sights of Washington

The tourists visiting Washington study the fancy ancient town which is separated from sights of Washington by the river Potomac. Travelers will see colonial houses, churches, the museums and other sights. In addition tourists will be able to buy a huge number of souvenirs in shops of antiques and to see enough local sights.

Sights of Washington
Tremendous city, Washington ? capital of the USA! Article will tell about the main sights of Washington. Best sights only site.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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