Sights of Morocco

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Sights of Morocco

Morocco — the North African country which is washed also by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, and the Atlantic Ocean in the West. Except border with Algeria, Morocco also borders on the Sahara therefore in the southeast here more arid and hot climate. Excursions on sights on camels are popular in Morocco. On them it is possible to travel across the Sahara, to see its sandy dunes and oases. In Morocco beach rest, desert sand, mountains, banana and orange plantations, mountain caves and palm groves is successfully combined.

Fes – sight of Morocco

Safaris on jeeps for tourists, excursion to picturesque falls, for example, the Cover of lovers, near Marrakech are popular in Morocco. Except sights, in some corners of Morocco it is possible to be acquainted with local culture. For example, in berber villages, such as Tiznit and Tafraut, people go in national clothes and still observe all traditions and customs.

Fes Morocco

Refer both natural monuments, and separate architectural creations, and the whole cities to sights of Morocco. Fes is considered one of the similar ancient cities which was built in the 8th century. Old quarter is protected with fortifications here, and in it there are more than 800 mosques. For the tourists who are interested in religion, this sight will be just a find. In Fes it is possible to visit the Mausoleum of the sultan Mulay-Idris the Second, the Royal palace, the mosque university Karauin and other sights of Morocco. As Fes is located at feet of mountains, from here excursions on mountainous areas are organized every day.

Entertainments in the city of Morocco – Marrakech

As sight of Morocco it is possible to consider its central city — Marrakech. It is considered the most mysterious city of this country. Jem-el-Fna Square is the business card of Marrakech. By the evening when the heat falls down a little, on the square more and more people appear. Here both street musicians, and dancers, and trainers of snakes, and predictors of destiny. Tourists who arrived here, of course, will be able to satisfy the thirst of shows. It is worth being vigilant and in the reliable place to keep the purse, but not from thieves, and it is rather from a fortune teller to whom you and will give everything, so they are skillful in the predictions.

Sight of the country – Mekenes

Sight of Morocco call also Mekenes. It settled down from the North from mountains. Mekenes in the 11th century was based. At the end of the 17th century the city became the capital of the country, and the sultan Mula Ismail made it the residence. The old part of Mekenes — Medina — contains in itself gate of Women Mansour and is protected by a 10-kilometer wall. In this part of the city the European and Islamic traditions are peculiar combined.

Morocco Meknes

On Medina there is one main El Jodim Square which is also considered as sight of Morocco. On it entertaining institutions for tourists are located: various cafes, here too organize representations fakirs, musicians, snake charmers. The palace of Sultans which was located near the area also is considered sight of Morocco.

Morocco beach

The idea of its construction was conceived by the sultan Mula Ismail who wanted to construct something more grandiose, than Versailles. The area of the palace contains more than 20 pavilions and two mosques. Interesting sight of the city of Morocco of Mekenes is the Museum of the Moroccan art. There are exhibits from metal, wooden sculptures, leather things, a multi-colored embroidery.

Volubilis – sight of Morocco

Volubilis Morocco

Sight of Morocco which it is possible to reach from Mekenes is Volubilis. It is the abandoned area which was populated with people even during existence of the Neolithic. The well-known triumphal arch of Volubilis which was decorated with the columns brought from Italy is constructed by Marcus Aurelius Sebastian in 217. Here too there is one more sight of Morocco – the Basilica on which storks twist the nests now. And earlier it was the meeting place of governors. Despite a set of events, and natural natural disasters which in different years occurred for nearly two millennia here many Roman mosaics on walls of Volubilis well remained still.

Here are represented, to be exact the bathing nymphs, medallions with 12 The Labours of Hercules, Bacchus on the chariot, and many others are laid out by a mosaic. Ruins of Volubilis can be interesting to tourists in the historical and cultural plan. This sight of Morocco is considered the main place which each tourist needs to visit.

Sights of Morocco
Morocco though borders on tropical countries and is near the hottest in the world to the Sahara Desert, after all it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so and beach rest is possible here.
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Date Published: 04/03/2016
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