Sights of Munich

Sights of Munich Places to Go

Sights of Munich

Munich – a surprising combination of medieval structures to the museums, galleries and other sights. If you want to enjoy unique German architecture and design, then Munich – the ideal city for this purpose.

Mariyenplats – heart of sights of Munich

Mariyenplats Myunkhen

Presently Mariyenplats – a main square of the city on which the most known and popular sights are located. But once there took place magnificent representations and knightly tournaments headed by the king and the local nobility. Therefore to us a lot of well remained monuments and sights reached. The Old town hall, the New town hall, the Plague column and the Fountain small fish are the most known.

Old town hall – medieval sight of Munich

The history of this an architectural monument is rich with various sad events. However today is the known and popular place of Munich having nothing in common with the awful past. The original building of this sight was completely destroyed by the fire of 1460. 20 years later it was completely restored in Gothic style by J?rg von Halsbach. Most of tourists of Munich of that time spoke of this of a unique town hall, as of a masterpiece of medieval architecture. However up to now the restored building did not reach: the sight was completely destroyed during World War II. The building of restoration was not subject therefore it was completely reconstructed according to the original plan of the XV century. The old town hall of Munich has the unique design which is completely corresponding to the plan of construction. Excellent addition to visit of this sight is an opportunity to get out on the 55th meter tower from which it is visible almost the half-cities.

Plague column – historically important sight of Munich

One more interesting architectural instruction is the Plague column. It represents a big column in the center of Mariyenplats Square at which top Virgin Mary is located. The column was constructed in 1638 in honor of the end of the Swedish invasion. A monument of Munich the gilded statue of Virgin Mary which was a separate sculpture earlier crowns. At every turn sights there is a statue of a way (a sculpture of little boys). Four ways symbolize over comings of war, a pestilence, hunger and heresy.

New town hall – fascinating sight of Munich

New town hall

This construction often call a Gothic “architectural miracle” of Munich. Nearly 42 years (from 1867 to 1909) there was a construction of surprising sight. It is located in only several tens meters from the Old town hall at the same Mariyenplats Square. The modern neogothic New town hall is the hallmark of Munich and one of the most visited tourist places. The exterior of sight strikes with the wealth and a variety. The tower towers on 85 meters therefore it is equipped with the special elevator for all comers to look at Munich from height of bird’s flight. It is interesting to know that here 400 rooms which area in the sum makes 9 thousand sq.m.

The fountain small fish – favourite sight of Munich

The fountain small fish which became the known sight popular among tourists also is very interesting to the ordinary tourist. For the first time the fountain was constructed in 1864 and reconstructed in 1954 after World War II.

Old Picture gallery – historically important sight of Munich

The art museum of Munich – the house for one of the most important collections in Europe. About 700 pictures represent works from the most great European artists of the 14-18th century. The majority is made by works of the Dutch, Flemish, and also Italian masters. Among the most known: Botticelli, Raphael and Titian. This sight of Munich has several tens rooms therefore if you want to get acquainted with all works of art, it is necessary to devote to it several days.

Nimfenburg – unsurpassed sight of Munich


This unique palace is located in several kilometers from Munich, but its visit is just obligatory. Originally the lock of Nimfenburg was conceived as a summer manor for the aristocracy of Munich. However each new owner of this magnificent sight brought new ideas in its development. Thus, several years later Nimfenburg became the real palace. Today this architectural instruction of Munich is public. Tourists can freely enjoy a rich interior of the palace, and also immodest and provocative gallery of the king Ludwig I in which pictures beautiful women of that time are represented. The sight surrounds magnificent park with a set of sculptures.

The German museum of masterpieces of science and technologies – sight of Munich

The museum is one of the main monuments of Munich. It is located in the downtown on the island through the river Izar. The museum is open in 1925. The sight of Munich is the unique place in which the improbable quantity of historical artifacts which display important steps to the field of science and equipment is collected. It is interesting to know that here more than 18 thousand exhibits are collected. The sight is suitable for visitors of all age.

The Olympic Park – sports sight of Munich

The mass Olympic park complex was constructed to 20 Olympic Games in 1972. The sight is fairly called an equipment miracle. The main construction of park is the smart stadium on 70 thousand viewers. Tourists can enjoy a beautiful view of local landscapes from the rotating restaurant on a tower of the Olympic Park 290 meters high. Near a tower there is a museum BMW which displays history of the famous producer automobile Germany. It is interesting to know that after holding the Olympic Games, sight everything is also actively used by residents of Munich and tourists for active recreation more than 200 days in a year. Besides sporting events various concerts of stars, exhibitions and even trade fairs are often held here. I advise all tourists of Munich to visit this remarkable sight and to enjoy easy jog or to look at some sports competitions.

Sights of Munich
This article suggests you to get acquainted with the best sights of Munich. Munich - a surprising combination of medieval structures to the moderny museums, galleries and other sights.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016
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