Sights of Antananarivo

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Sights of Antananarivo

Antananarivo – the capital and the biggest city of the island state of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
Antananarivo can brag of tens of monuments and sights. Much of them awarded the status of monuments of the World heritage. Though there are a lot of thrown objects of architectural heritage. But in our article we decided to tell you only about the best, known and popular sights.

The royal hill Ambokhimanga – cult sight of Antananarivo

Royal hill Ambokhimanga

This place is taken by huge historical and religious value for each resident of Madagascar. The palace is located in only several minutes of driving from the downtown therefore tourists always visit its the first. It is interesting to know that in the 19th century the palace was under the power of a royal dynasty of the Gelding, but at the end of the century it was overthrown by the French troops which came “to free” the island. Importance of sight was finally recognized in 2001 when Ambokhimanga was declared by object of the World heritage of UNESCO. For hundreds of years of existence some parts of an architectural monument were considerably destroyed. For example, from the royal residential area, and also several tombs and shrines there were only ruins which only after the story of the guide become similar to fine former structures. Despite it, comes more and more pilgrims and tourists from around the world here.

Ruva – historical sight of Antananarivo

Ruva is very beautiful and unusual sight with rich history, with myths and riddles. It is known that the palace Ruva is part of a big royal complex by which it was specially constructed for the queen Ranavalona ruling in Antananarivo in the 17th century. It is interesting to know that in 1995 when the sight has to be entered just about in the list of heritage of UNESCO, to it there was a tragic case: during demonstration the fire broke out, having destroyed all wooden designs of a structure. After it there was only an empty stone cover of the palace. At the moment the sight was completely built up, having returned its former glory and popularity among tourists. We advise all guests of Antananarivo surely to look at Ruva, a monument history of the city.

The lake Anosi – natural sight of Antananarivo

This the amazing town is in close proximity to the capital therefore it is always brought in round. Anos is very beautiful and picturesque lake, one of the few “paradise places” the cities. Here white herons like to walk. It is interesting to know that they every day, at the same time visit the lake so to tourists is here what to look and admire. On the lake there is a small island on which the monument to heroes of World War I is built. Tourists often come here to have a rest from daily routine and city bustle. Locals also adore this place, exactly here they gain strength and energy of the primitive nature, enjoy magnificent landscapes of the homeland.

Natural reserve Perinet. Antananarivo

Natural reserve Perinet

Perinet – one of the most visited sights of the capital of Madagascar. He can brag of a big variety of flora and fauna. Also there is a huge number of the animal species which are under the threat of disappearance. One of the most popular are indr and big lemurs. The last gained popularity thanks to the terrible singing that reminds mix of a siren and crying. Fortunately, only the first half of day can hear these squeals. Here tours at which will show you animals are regularly conducted and will tell about their habits. Also you will be able just to walk on the reserve, to feel a part of the wild nature that in Antananarivo already will not manage to be made anywhere.

Andafiavaratra – magnificent architectural sight of Antananarivo

Andafiavaratra – the palace located on the high hill in the capital of Madagascar. In due time it was the residence of the prime minister Raynilayarivuni. The sight is located in only several minutes of walking from the palace Ruva. It should be noted that the construction is constructed in Baroque style and it is painted in bright red color. And it means that you will surely see this unusual museum in Antananarivo. At the moment Andafiavaratra is used as the museum at which you will be able to look from within.

Andafiavaratra Antananarivo

This sight of Antananarivo has a collection of portraits of governors, period furniture, royal dresses and traditional costume jewelry of royal family. But tourists most of all are interested in jewelry of monarchs of the Gelding. It is interesting to know that honor all elements of an interior of this architecture – it is the historical and significant objects of the palace of Ruva rescued from the fire in 1995. In this museum the unique collection of artifacts which can reveal a set of secrets of the history Antananarivo is collected. I am sure that Andafiavaratra will strike you with the beauty and wealth so do not forget to enter it in the list of sights.

Antananarivo can brag still of a set of unique tourist places which really should be seen, however time in round is not boundless. For this reason we chose for you only the most interesting sights of the capital of Madagascar which you are simply obliged to visit.

Sights of Antananarivo
Antananarivo – the city of contrasts where the modern architecture intertwines with the wild jungle! You do not trust? Then our article for you! Here you learn a set of interesting information on sights, stories and the best tourist places of Antananarivo.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016
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