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Sights of Canada

Canada – a country in the north of the American continent, which is adjacent to the United States. This is the second footprint country in the world and 37th in terms of population. Capital – Ottawa, but the largest city – Toronto. In Canada, a large number of national parks (Wood Buffalo, Glacier, Oyuittik et al.), And the ski resorts (Kimberley, Tremblant, Big White, and others.)

The population of the country – more than 35.6 million people. The ethnic composition is difficult to distinguish certain groups, as the people of the most diverse and cosmopolitan with a large admixture of immigrants. The basis of the British (20%) and French (15%). In addition, in Canada many of the Irish, Dutch, Chinese, Italians, Ukrainians and Indians (the indigenous population of North America).

At the state level are equally used English and French. More than 70% of the population identify themselves as Christians, 43.6% of whom are Catholics. Due to the geographical location, the climate in the country is extremely varied: from the Arctic in the north to temperate in the south. The highest peak – Mount Logan (5956 m); part of the mountain ranges of St. Elijah.

In the country more than 3 million. Lakes, including the Great Lakes area of ​​240 thousand sq. Km. Canada shares land borders only with the US, but this border is the longest in the world. Maritime boundaries in Canada’s more: the French overseas community (east side) and the autonomous Danish territory (from the north-east side). The country is bordered by three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic.

For a long time Canada was a colonial country. It begins with the educated in the XVI century French settlement in what is now Quebec. Initially, the country lived only local Amerindian tribes. However, with the advent of the Europeans gradually began to form the French and British colonies, who also fought for new ground. Complete independence from other countries, Canada has received April 17, 1982.

Since then, it is a sovereign state, where there is a parliamentary monarchy. The current monarch of the country is the British Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to her legislative power it is exercised by the Governor-General and Prime Minister. According to the administrative division in Canada at the moment 3 territories and 10 provinces. The most populated province – it’s Ontario and Quebec vie and the newly established province of Nunavut for the title of the largest in area.
Currency – the Canadian dollar.

Niagara Falls

Sights of Canada. Niagara Falls – a recognized wonder of nature; the most powerful waterfall in North America. In fact, a complex of waterfalls, consisting of three unusually broad stages, each of which has its own name. Since Falls has cross-border arrangement between the United States and Canada, one of them is called the American Falls, the other – the Canadian Falls (also “horseshoe”). Well, and the third waterfall “Fata”.

Niagara Falls, USA, Canada

In translation from old-Iroquois language Niagara means’ thundering water “. Eyewitnesses claim that it is the most beautiful waterfall in the world. Being with him is an indescribable feeling. This waterfall was formed several thousand years ago by the melting of the glacier. The characteristic green color of the water due to the high content of special rocks.

Geographically attraction is located between Ontario and Lake Erie. On both sides it is surrounded by the city with a common name – Niagara Falls.

The widest waterfalls in Canada ( “Horseshoe”). It is concentrated 90% of the total water reserve Niagara. From the US it is separated by Goat Island, which is always a lot of tourists. The island is close to the viewing platform has a series of souvenir shops, and even a monument to the famous scientist Nikolai Tesla. It was he who took the initiative to use the water of the waterfall resource for electricity production. Today, under the powerful waterfall it operates hydroelectric power. Between the American Falls and Fata also located a small island – the island of Silver. Well, the two North American countries are connected by the Rainbow Bridge, built in 1941 above the gorge.

Niagara Falls, USA

In the vicinity of the waterfall there is a wonderful botanical garden with a greenhouse butterflies. Admire the cherry blossom tourists are walking along Queen Victoria Park. From the observation platform of the park offers a magnificent view of the water flow. Still, most visitors love exploring this natural attraction to the deck of the ship Maid of Mist, set sail from the coast of both countries every half hour. All passengers of the ship in the compulsory issue raincoats and goggles, as dry will not be able to return from this trip. In the evenings, the waterfall is beautifully illuminated and becomes the epicenter of every show and light show.

Getting to your destination will not be difficult, both from Canada and from the United States. From Toronto to the central bus station in the direction of Niagara Falls with frequent, comfortable buses. Travel time – about 2 hours. The nearest airport is in the sights of the city of Buffalo, from waterfalls to a bus number 210. Travel time – a little less than 1 hour.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, Canada

Hockey Hall of Fame – the largest hockey museum located in Canada; one of the most visited attractions in Toronto. This is a huge gallery, in which the exhibits you can explore the entire history of Canadian and European hockey. It contains all the information about the best players, teams and NHL records. The first such museum was opened in Kingston, but in 1961 was moved to Toronto.

The Hockey Hall of Fame today you can see the entire 100-year history of the most favorite sport in Canada. A total of 15 complex of exhibition halls, each of which covers at least 5,000 square meters. About the best players and teams can be found in the NHL Hall. It is entirely dedicated to memorable events in the history of the NHL. The MCI Hall exhibited portraits of all members of the Hall of Fame. Here is kept the famous Stanley Cup.

Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto

Only in this museum you can see the unique attributes of the world of hockey. Almost everything except the silver bowl cup, you can touch. For example, this form of various hockey teams, a sweater of Tarasova, washers, which have evolved over time. The initiator and founder of this unique museum was J.. T. Sutherland. He found a place to Hockey Hall of Fame in Kingston, as, according to some reports, hockey was born there.

Over time, the Museum of hockey attributes moved to Toronto. Initially, it was located at the exhibition center, but with the expansion of the collection moved into the former building of the Bank of Montreal, where it remains today. You can reach it by metro – Younge-University-Spadina Subway. The museum is open daily from 9.30 am, and on Sundays – from 10am. By the way, there is also a skating rink, where you can play with virtual “Legends of Hockey”.

TV Tower CN Tower

TV Tower CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

TV Tower CN Tower – one of the tallest structures in the world; the highest TV tower in Canada and unchanging symbol of Toronto. At the time of construction, and for several decades it was the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Here are some options the CN Tower: height – 553 m, weight – more than 130 thousand tons, number of floors – 147.

The CN Tower is visited annually by more than two million people. At the level of 351 meters of tourists waiting for a spacious restaurant, and viewing platforms are at different levels. The first is located at an altitude of 342 meters.

TV Tower CN Tower, Toronto

At an altitude of 356 meters there is a playground for the daredevils. This ride is called the Edge Walk – literally “walk on the edge.” This area is surrounded by unfenced open eaves width of 1.5 m, in which you can walk with insurance.

Top Visitors can climb on the elevator with a transparent cab, which enhances the effect of being in such a high structure. By the way, the CN Tower boldly confronts gusty wind speeds up to 420 km / h. Moreover, the antenna in its 70 years of lightning strikes per year. On TV Tower observation deck has special binoculars, from which one can see not only the view of the city, but also an extensive Ontario. The nearest metro station – Union Station.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Sights of Canada. Capilano Suspension Bridge – Scenic bridge in Canada, located near Vancouver. It is located at an altitude of 70 meters above the Capilano River in stormy thickets of dense forest. Go through this bridge – the whole adventure. It was originally built as a path to the mill, to make life easier for employees, but today it has a purely entertainment.

More than 900 thousand visitors a year visit the neighborhood of the Capilano River. The bridge is about 140 meters. Walk on it is equivalent to checking if not courage, the fortitude accurately. Although, after the renovation and extra fortifications, it is considered absolutely safe for walking. It is believed that the Capilano can withstand up to 96 elephants. The feeling of fear among the tourists there, mostly in bad weather. During gusty winds bridge sways from side to side.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Despite this, it is always crowded. People come here for the fresh and clean air, the scent of pine needles and numerous attractions that await tourists on the other side of the bridge. Particularly picturesque in winter, when eaten entirely covered with snow, and at the time of the New Year holidays arranged light show. In the park there are many cafes, restaurants, souvenir stalls and lookouts.

Opening hours of the park varies depending on the season. Basically, it runs from 9 am until late in the evening. The historical center is open to anyone who is interested in history and ethnography. Incidentally, the name of the park is connected with the name of Capilano Indian chief, who once lived in what is now Vancouver. From the city to the attractions depart buses, but you need to make one transplant. The first bus №246 be to Lonsdale Quay, and the second to Capilano №236 of the park. Distance Vancouver – just 11 km away.

Monument to the spider

Monument spider, Ottawa, Canada

Monument to the spider – the original sculpture in the capital of Canada, is made of bronze with a mixture of stainless steel and silver nitrate. It is difficult to ignore, visiting Ottawa, as it is located right in front of the National Gallery on separately allocated areas.

Monument spider, Ottawa

The author and creator of the “spider” known in the world of contemporary art of the artist Louise Bourgeois. She dedicated the sculpture to his mother and called her “Mom.” According to her, spider extremely caring and kind mother. In order to better convey the idea, Louise put on his belly filled with a monument 26 th white marble eggs. Her mother was the best friend of the artist throughout her life.

This sculpture has become a sensation in the art world. Besides this sculpture, Louise has created five masterpieces on the theme of nature. spider Monument became her sixth and latest work. At the time of its design the artist was 95 years old. In 2000 and 2004, this monument was in an exhibition in London’s Tate Modern. Since 2005, the monument is located in Ottawa.

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake – the most picturesque lake in Canada; the main attractions of Alberta. It is renowned for its unusually beautiful shade of turquoise and unusual shape. Eyewitnesses claim that the lake outlines resemble nothing more than a giant wolf head.

Peyto Lake, Canada

But this is not the most important thing, for what hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the shores of Peyto. Here a beautiful environment, pure mountain air and all the excellent opportunities for recreation.

Those who are lucky enough to visit the Cote d’Azur in Peyto, noted a surprising similarity with lake resorts in the world, such as the beaches on about. Bora Bora. It is best to look at the lake and take photographs of its height the surrounding rocks. By the way, Peyto Lake belongs to the national reserve Banff. At 29 miles away, there is another quite beautiful and photographed lake – Lake Louise, but in the period of snowmelt, no reservoir in the district can not be compared with the beauty of the mountain lake Peyto.

Peyto Lake

Located it is at an altitude of 1860 m length of the lake is 2800 meters and width -. Places reaches 800 m source fueling Peyto are centuries old glaciers of the park.. Due to the popularity of the lake, in the overgrown stretches a range of tourist facilities. His name shall pond pioneer Bill Peyto, and its fabulous color – a mixture of mountain glacier, transforming water into a thick turquoise.

By the way, in this lake fishing is permitted, but only with special permission and without disturbing the ecological balance of nature. The Peyto usual and simple pike and trout. The administrative center of the park, the town of Banff, located 62 miles from the lake.

Sights of Canada
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