Sights of Tasmania

Sights of Tasmania Places to Go

Sights of Tasmania

Tasmania – the popular tourist direction world famous of the gold beaches and tremendous sights. One of advantages of the island are the prices for services and accommodation. The matter is that to travel around the island to remove hotel and excellent it is possible to eat at the small budget. It is also necessary to note that the majority of sights of Tasmania have a paid entrance. Therefore in our article we picked up only the most interesting and right places!

Sallivans Kouv – sight of the capital of Tasmania

Sallivans Kouv. Sight of Tasmania

Sallivans Kouv Embankment – one of the few constructions of a colonial era of Great Britain which reached up to now in perfect tune. Here everything reminds of whaleman’s and convicts who once made most of the population of Tasmania. This bay has great historical value as is nearly only sight of times of the first immigrants from Europe. Having visited this place, you learn a set of interesting information on history and traditions of local population.

Port Arthur – a gloomy instruction of Tasmania

Port Arthur. Sight of Tasmania

Port Arthur is near the capital and is one of the main tourist directions. Only 500 people live in the city, however during a season here tens of thousands of tourists freely settle down.
History of the city of Port Arthur begins since 1830 when the first settlers set foot on this land. In 1833 constructed here prison which predetermined the future of all city. Port Arthur became the most gloomy and the awful place in all Tasmania. Here banished not only dangerous and cruel criminals of Britain, but also children for 10-11 years who just stole a toy. Also this sight was famous for awful conditions of keeping and the most cruel punishments of prisoners in all Australia.
In 1877 the prison was closed and at once gave it the status of the museum. The successful PR company, the small prices and fascinating legends made from prison the real sight of Tasmania about tens of thousands of visitors.

National park “Freysine” – a pearl of Tasmania

“Freysin” it is constructed in 1926 and at the moment is the oldest park of the country. This natural sight is famous for the unsurpassed beaches with crystal-clear water. Already traditionally “Freysin” enters in TOP-10 the best beaches of the world. Walk on the jungle where you will be able to see a huge number of animal species is offered to you, and also to observe rare species of birds. Everyone can dive, participate in a photo contest or will just be tumbled down on one of the best beaches of the world! Surely enter National park “Freysine” in the list of sights of Tasmania.

Royal Botanical Gardens of Tasmania

One of the brightest and memorable recreation areas of Hobart are Royal gardens. Near the downtown more than 13 hectares of perfect representatives of flora of Tasmania are located. Since 1818 regular filling of park begins all species of plants of the Southern hemisphere. Up to now the sight arranges more than 6500 animal species. In height of the season arrange special thematic displays and colourful flowers festivals here.

Mountain Wellington. Tasmania

This sight perfectly will be suitable for all fans of outdoor activities. Especially for tourist needs made here one safe and convenient track which conducts on the top of the mountain. The route is made so that tourist groups began the movement with the center of the capital of Tasmania, then came to a uniform track and safely there passed 22 km to the top of the mountain Wellington. Besides guides can tell you a set of the interesting legends and stories connected with this sight. Similar campaigns already won love of tourists.

Hobart Bridge. Neobychny Bridge of Tasmania


Perhaps, Hobart Bridge is one of the most non-standard and creative bridges in the world! The matter is that it is first and the only project of the bridge with vertical raising of one of sections in the world! Nevertheless, it does not prevent it to execute perfectly the function and to be one of the most popular sights of Tasmania. Hobart Bridge connects two coast and is visible practically from all parts of the city therefore you at any time will be able to visit this unique structure.

Sights of Tasmania
You do not know what sights to visit in Tasmania? Then our article for you! You learn about the best tourist places and architectural monuments.
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Date Published: 03/31/2016
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