Sights of Liverpool

Sights of Liverpool Places to Go

Sights of Liverpool

In this article we will help you to decide on the choice of sights for travel across Liverpool. Traditional rounds offer a set of architectural monuments and popular tourist places, however we will bring some more very interesting sights which surely it will be pleasant to you in our article.

Museum of the history “The Beatles”. Liverpool

Museum of the history The Beatles

The museum of legendary group “The Beatles” is one of the most known and popular sights of the city. Interesting stories of guides and the concerning atmosphere will transfer you at the time of the greatest glory of legendary group. Also you learn how four young guys from Liverpool moved to dizzy heights of an international recognition and wealth, becoming the most known group of all times and the people. Still you will be told the biography and a course of life of each musician. You will be able to see personal belongings and concert suits of the Liverpool four. Surely visit this important sight of Liverpool.

Albert Dock – the center of the best architectural monuments of Liverpool

Albert Dock.

This surprising construction was constructed in 1946. For that time it was the first building in Britain from cast iron, a brick and a stone. As working dock the construction served till 1972 then it was remade in the prospering museum, bar and restaurant. At the moment Albert Dock has the greatest collection of objects of the World heritage of UNESCO in all Great Britain. Importance of this historical heritage was recognized in 2004 to keep one of the most known ports of the world, only already as the center of family rest and sights of Liverpool.

Local authorities here regularly hold various cultural events and competitions. Also here small attractions, cafeteria and even the thematic museum function. You can have a rest in hotel or take small tours on sights by the boat. All this does Albert Dock by the ideal place for family rest.

National Trust Formby – sight of active recreation in Liverpool

National Trust Formby is a small territory which basis is made by the purest beach with sandy dunes and the pine wood. These reserved places are rich with rare red proteins, cane toads and a set of other living creatures. Here even untouched traces of prehistoric animals remained. Most of tourists go here to have a rest from city bustle of Liverpool, to arrange picnic and to be engaged in active recreation. By means of the audio-guide you will be able to learn history of this district, and the detailed map of the tourist will help you to find the best places with a surprising view of the sea.

The museum of Liverpool – popular sight

The museum of Liverpool

This museum is one of the most known historical instructions of the city. It is completely devoted to history, culture and traditions of Liverpool. To show to tourists a city contribution to development of world culture – here the main task of this museum. It has more than 6000 exhibits, each of which is a part of the city. For children the Small Liverpool gallery where it is interestingly and well told about the city works.

Interesting feature of sight are recreated full-scale events which influenced history and developments of Liverpool. John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s first meeting therefore the The Beatles group was created can serve as an example. The special attention is paid to soccer and the best players of the Liverpool team of the same name acting in a premier league of England. Also the sight can brag of such convenience as cafe where give tasty dishes of traditional British cuisine.

Speke Hall – architectural heritage of Liverpool

Speke Hall

Speke Hall is a surprising construction in style of a late English Gothic. Constructed in 1530, it still is one of the most visited sights of Liverpool. Throughout centuries of Speke Hall was a private property, however in the middle of the 20th century it became open for the public. The special attention to this architectural sight has a talk richness of an interior with a set of unique elements of handwork. The surprising furniture and an unusual decor of rooms transfer us to the aristocratic English Middle Ages.

Sefton Park Palm House – unusual sight of Liverpool

This fine construction is the octagonal, multilevel greenhouse in the Victorian style. Here the huge number of rare plants from around the world is collected. It enjoys wide popularity among tourists and guests of Liverpool. Received special popularity of Sefton Park Palm House because of a tremendous look at night. The sight sparkles in the bright and pleasant flowers, and the unusual form of all construction perfectly emphasizes all colors. If you wish to see something in the round unusual, then this architectural miracle is the fine choice.

The hall of St. George – heart of Liverpool

Hall of St. George

The hall of St. George by right is considered one of the best sights of Liverpool in neoclassical style. In own way it is one of the largest in Europe. When you for the first time see this architectural masterpiece, at once will notice red massive granite columns which make just unforgettable impression of a sight exterior. Half of the hall on which more than 30 000 tiles of a mosaic were required also is surprising.

The hall of St. George was built in 1854. Long time the city court sat here, however today it executes function of the popular tourist place. When you take excursion on this sight, surely ask about an opportunity to visit cells of the former prisoners and the room the judge. Also we advise you to be photographed against body from 7 000 pipes where you will look tiny ornament.

Sights of Liverpool
In this article the description of the best tourist places and popular sights of Liverpool is collected. Also the selection of photos of the best places of Liverpool is offered to your attention.
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Date Published: 04/01/2016
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