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Sights New York City

In this article we collected the best sights of New York where it is possible to have a rest, good time, to learn something new and just to have a good time. The interesting museums, historical places, cultural instructions and galleries are here too presented. Our list includes such popular sights as Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and also little-known sights which are unfairly ignored by most of tourists of New York.

The American museum of natural history – pride of New York

Empire State Building - sight of New York

From the moment of opening for public in 1869, the American museum of natural history develops and grows every day. At the moment it is the major scientific and cultural institution. The sight attracts tourists impressive exhibitions and surprising collections of elements of different human cultures, the world of the nature and Universe. The real fans of natural sciences will be pleased by smart planetarium and the real exhibits of collections. If you are interested in paleontology, history of indigenous Americans or secrets of space, then you will be delighted simply! The others will just perfectly spend time, considering historical richness of this tremendous museum.

Empire State Building – the known sight of New York

Empire State Building is the highest skyscraper of New York and one of the most popular tourist places of the city. It was open on May 1, 1931 and long time was the highest construction in the world. For many years the sight managed to act in a set of the Hollywood movies. Only one “King Kong” of what costs! This 443-meter building is famous however not for one movies. Empire State Building is an also real center of entertainments and sports meets. Here game competitions for tourists and cheerful runnings on ladders are regularly held. Besides, the multilevel observation decks working by the principle “The higher – the more expensively” are provided here.

It is possible to declare safely that Empire State Building became not only a symbol of New York, it and a symbol of not inconsolable attempts of the person of the XX century to reach the sky.

The Statue of Liberty – sight and a symbol of the USA

The Statue of Liberty - sight of New York

Perhaps, the most known and recognizable instruction of New York is the Statue of Liberty. “Lady Freedom” is a gift of the French people in honor of anniversary of independence of the USA in 1886. For more than 100 years of motionless existence the statue became the American symbol of freedom and a good omen for numerous immigrants who come to the USA in search of the better life.

For tourists this sight is of great value as on its background it is possible not only to be photographed, but also to climb up its “crown” or other available observation decks. From any point of a statue the unforgettable panoramic view of sights of New York and the vicinity of Manhattan opens.

The Museum of Modern Art – the business card of New York!

This sight is a real paradise for all judges of the modern art. Here the whole collections of works of such geniuses of the XX century as Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, and also works are presented to nobody unknown artists who became then “classics” of the modern art. From the moment of creation (1929) and up to now museum fine expanded and changed in the real cultural center of New York. The main feature of this sight of New York are new collections and various exhibitions of unique works from around the world.

It is not necessary to miss here definitely as each visitor all the same will find something interesting to himself. Annually the museum visits more than 2.5 million people, so join also you the world of the modern art!

The Brooklyn Bridge – sight symbol of the city

Rockefeller center - sight of New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular instructions of New York. For most of inhabitants of “Big apple” the bridge is something big, than a usual crossing through the river. In due time it became the real technological break! It was the longest suspension bridge in the world and the first design where steel rods were used.

The Brooklyn Bridge was opened in far 1883, but also up to now it is considered one of the most reliable and qualitative. Presently the sight is the popular vacation spot and bicycle walks of residents of New York.

Rockefeller center. Sight of New York

Rockefeller center is huge trade and office complex of Manhattan. Here you will be able not only to do some shopping, but also to eat, have a rest and have a good time properly. In 14 buildings of a complex the central offices of the largest world corporations, and also the known auction house “Kristis” are located. Rockefeller center is one of the best examples of art deco – popular architectural style of those times.

It is interesting to know that the sight was constructed at the time of the Great Depression, thereby providing much-needed earnings to thousands of jobless builders of New York.

The central park – the best vacation spot in New York

The central park - sight of New York

The central park plays an important role in everyday life of each New Yorker. Most often people get out here to picnic, spend the weekend or just free time. The sight is rather big territory in 3.4 in which 2 skating rinks, several lakes, a set of avenues, lawns and even a small zoo organically settled down!

Interesting fact: The central park – the most visited in the USA, annually here happens more than 25 million people. The world popularity to park was brought by popular series, a talk-show and successful Hollywood movies. Residents of New York call sight the real masterpiece of landscape gardening art and spend here much time, enjoying beautiful declines and an outdoor recreation in the center of Manhattan! So also you visit this nice place in the round on “Big apple”.

Here also article about sights of New York came to an end. I hope, it was pleasant to you and you estimate the done work as the likes and reposts!

Sights of New York
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 03/31/2016
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