Sights of Jakarta

Sights of Jakarta Places to Go

Sights of Jakarta

Jakarta is the largest tourist, economic, cultural and political center of Indonesia. It is the huge city with a large number of the population therefore Jakarta is often called by the second New York. Sights here so various that will be able to please even to the most exacting tourists.
Today we will tell you only about those sights at which really it is worth looking in Jakarta tour.

Garden of orchids in Slipi – colourful sight of Jakarta

Garden of orchids in Slipi

In this surprising garden hundreds of types of orchids from all Indonesia are collected. It is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Besides widespread types of orchids, also exotic types are collected here. One of the most rare and beautiful flowers is the black orchid. Tourists from around the world come to Jakarta to visit this unique sight and to enjoy smells of thousands of orchids. But each tourist is simply obliged by own eyes to see the main value of a garden – a black orchid!

Jalan Jaksa – the street in Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa – one of the most popular streets where tourists stop. At first sight, this street has nothing in common with the known sights or places standing your attention, but actually Jalan Jaksa is that place where each tourist will be able to feel life of the ordinary resident of Jakarta, to learn local color and customs. There are only several bars, hotel where tourists, and also a set of small shops and stalls like to stop. But if you live several days on this street, then will feel all charm of Jakarta. Surely visit favourite bar of all tourists where it is possible to have a rest, sing well couple of songs with very friendly and kind locals who are always glad to tourists. Just do not forget to resemble down the street, to enjoy landscapes and life of the ordinary resident of Jakarta.

National monument to Indonesia – the main sight of Jakarta

National monument – one of those places of the capital of Indonesia which the tourist is simply obliged to see in the round. The sight is a huge obelisk which height makes 132 meters. The first president Sukarno began to build this construction in honor of the Indonesian nationalism. The monument crowns with 35 kg of pure gold in the form of a flame! This top it is visible almost from all corners of the city. To climb up for all comers to the very top and to look at the capital from height of bird’s flight the elevator works. The one who wants to learn more about stories of Jakarta and Indonesia that can visit the museum and the special hall in a monument.

Kot’s sight or the Old city – the historical past of Jakarta

The old city is small part of what remained from dominion these lands of Dutches. They made of this far-away island country the main center of trade between the West and Asia. Since the colonial past only the paved central square and small constructions reached up to now. This sight perfectly is suitable for those who wish to learn more about stories of Jakarta or just to have a rest from vanity of the center of the capital of Indonesia.

Jembatan Pasar Ayam Bridge – popular sight of Jakarta

Jembatan Pasar Ayam Bridge

This bridge is the best construction of colonial architecture of the 17th century. It was constructed to unite the Dutch and British forts placed on both sides the Grandee of the channel. Presently it is not used any more, but constantly support in a good shape. From year to year the bridge began to gain popularity among tourists therefore local authorities decided to create all conditions for further restoration and development of this sight. Today Jembatan Pasar Ayam Bridge is one of the most beautiful and visited places of Jakarta.

The mosque Istiklyal – a religious instruction of Jakarta

This beautiful mosque is the largest in all Southeast Asia. It was constructed in honor of independence of Indonesia of the Netherlands on August 17, 1945. The sight is built in minimalistic style and in appearance reminds typical Arab mosques. For all comers to go to mosque Istiklyal it is necessary to remember that during prayers, the entrance is forbidden.

Sight Vikhar Dkharm Bkhakti’s Temple. Jakarta

Vikhar Dkharm Bkhakti's temple

This temple was built in the 17th century and is the oldest in Jakarta. Vikhara Dkharma Bkhakti – the beautiful Buddhist temple constructed in honor of the goddess of mercy Guan Yin. For the centuries-old history it was completely destroyed and reconstructed. At the moment it completely functions and is the place of worship not only for Buddhists, but also for supporters of Confucianism and Taoism. The sight enjoys wide popularity among tourists.

Oceanarium the Sea world – family sight of Jakarta

The sea world is a huge oceanarium in which the visitor is offered to examine about more than 4000 fishes. You come and enjoy beauty of the water world, just walking in the 80th meter tunnel. Fascinating beings live in an oceanarium which volume makes 500 million liters. It is possible not only to watch fishes, but also to touch. This beautiful place for family rest. In any case, for children this place is the most favourite and memorable in round in sights of Jakarta.

Indonesian tiny park. Jakarta

Contrary to the name, the Indonesian tiny park occupies more than 100 hectares. In this surprising sight traditional Indonesian architectural constructions were harmoniously weaved with untouched the person the nature, a small garden of orchids and the rich museum of fauna. Here it is possible not only to have a rest well from city bustle, but also to learn a set of new, interesting information.

Sights of Jakarta
In our article there is everything that you wanted to know about Jakarta. Interesting information on ancient sights and popular tourist places.
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Date Published: 04/02/2016
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