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Vatican – center of Catholic church. This beautiful city is full of other sights which can capture imagination of many tourists and travelers.

Rome and Vatican

Sculptures at Saint Peter's Square

Though Vatican also is in heart of Rome, formally it is not part of Italy. Vatican is the smallest sovereign state in the world with an area about 1 square kilometer. Vatican is something like the biggest and main Catholic Church and the official residence of the Pope. Despite the small size of Vatican it is the real treasure for the tourists wishing to go sightseeing and get acquainted with history of this magnificent state. Many travelers wish to enjoy beauty of architecture and art of Vatican to which there are more than one thousand years.

Independence of Vatican of Italy

Some people consider independence of Vatican as the formality which does not have real confirmation, but they are mistaken, do not know that Vatican has the own army of guards known first of all because of their distinctive red-yellow regimentals. Some of them can seem ridiculous, but be not mistaken, these are professionally trained soldiers elected among Catholic society in Switzerland. The tradition began many hundreds years ago. Vatican also has own railway station, currency, we cannot but mention the newspaper and radio station of Vatican.

The address of the Pope in Vatican

Official residence of the Pope – Vatican, exactly from here it carries weekly out addresses to the people. Every Wednesday at 11 o’clock in the afternoon the Pope addresses the mass of faithful Catholics, many of which profits from abroad, and speaks about various spiritual and wordly problems. The entrance on the address of the father is free, but you have to remember that the capacity of the area is limited, and demand can often be high. It is possible it is banal to be late and pass the address of the Pope in Vatican.

Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican

Saint Peter's Square

The main square in the center of Vatican is called in honor of Saint Peter who is allegedly buried in Vatican. Saint Peter’s Square was built in Vatican in the 17th century, in Baroque style which prevailed in Italy in those days. It is the initial point of any travel across Vatican. From Saint Peter’s Square you can get to the museums, Saint Peter’s Temple and the Sistine Chapel.

Architecture and art in Vatican

Vatican was a shelter for some best art and architectural works of Italy generally thanks to patronage of Fathers who during the era of the Renaissance involved the best artists from around the world to work in Vatican. However Vatican appeared long before a Renaissance era therefore you will also be able to see examples of other architectural and art styles and to receive the mass of unforgettable emotions from your travel on sights of Vatican.

Sights of Vatican
The interesting article narrating about the main sights of Vatican - this small country the area of everything 1 square kilometer.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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