The interesting facts about St. Petersburg

The interesting facts about St. Petersburg Interesting facts

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg – the largest tourist center of Russia. This city locals it is proud call the cultural capital and heart of Russia. Thousands of tourists go here to enjoy fine architecture and unique sights.
You will find in our article not only famous information, but also the unusual and little-known facts from city life, about culture and history.

The interesting facts about St. Petersburg

  • 1. Very few people know, but St. Petersburg – the largest city not of capital value in Europe. Since the 19th century it keeps in the four of the biggest European cities.
  • 2. During the Period from 1914 to 1924 St. Petersburg was called Petrograd. After coming to power of Bolsheviks, the city was renamed to Leningrad. So there were 67 years till 1991. Since 1991 and up to now the city is called St. Petersburg.
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  • 3. Interesting fact: in the 30th years of the last century Bolsheviks wanted to replace an angel at the top of Alexander Column with Lenin’s statue.
  • 4. Interesting fact: total length of the tram line of St. Petersburg exceeds an indicator in 600 km! In this parameter it is included in the Book of Records.
  • 5. Peter and Paul Cathedral is the highest in Russia. Together with belltowers and a gold spike its height makes 122.5 meters.
  • 6. Near St. Petersburg there passes the deepest subway in the world. Its depth reaches 80 meters.
  • 7. The city is not only the cultural capital of Russia, but also the main economic, industrial and tourist center of the country. St. Petersburg is on crossing of the main trade and maritime routes that provides the city with permanent job and all necessary food.
  • 8. St. Petersburg – the most northern largest city of the world as is on 60 parallels. This parallel still passes in the territory of Greenland, Alaska and Oslo (the capital of Norway). Such arrangement is huge plus as attracts thousands of tourists from around the world to look at “white nights” of St. Petersburg.
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  • 9. More than 10% of the territory of the city are occupied by water.
  • 10. Interesting fact: The Hermitage – one of the most known and big museums of the world. In its territory there are about 3 million various works of art. All of them settle down in the territory of 5 buildings in 350 halls.
  • 11. It is considered that in the Hermitage 1 minute of acquaintance with each of 3 million works of art will take you 8 years of life. Besides you should pass 20 km. For this reason here organize special rounds and excursions on the best exhibits.
  • 12. Mikhaylovsky, or as him still call Engineers’ Castle, has different architectural styles of each facade. It is made to harmonize the cultural image of St. Petersburg and to give architectural integrity to each district of the city.
  • 13. Interesting fact: Nevsky Avenue is the most visited highway of the city. Daily there pass nearly 2 million people!
  • 14. In the territory of St. Petersburg there are more than 800 bridges and nearly 100 islands – any European city has no such large number of river ways. Also through the city there pass 64 rivers and about 50 channels.
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  • 15. In the USA there are 15 cities which are called St. Petersburg. The largest city is Saint Petersburg (State of Florida).
  • 16. St. Petersburg deserves the rank the cultural capital of Russia. The matter is that in all territory of the city there are nearly 2000 libraries! Also here about 100 platforms for concerts and festivals, 220 museums and 45 galleries are located. Every year there take place 50 international competitions, competitions and exhibitions.
  • 17. The official statistics says that at the time of World War II during the period from 1941 to 1943 the population of the city decreased 4.5 – 5 times.
The interesting facts about St. Petersburg
Selection of the facts about St. Petersburg. Only interesting and useful information about life, history, culture and sights of the cultural capital of Russia.
Interesting facts
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Date Published: 04/11/2016
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