The Netherlands – the interesting facts

The Netherlands - the interesting facts Interesting facts


Learn everything about culture and traditions, life and sights of Dutches in our article.
Today you learn many interesting facts about the Netherlands.

The Netherlands – the interesting facts

  • 1. The official name of the country is the “Netherlands”, however around the world it is called “Holland”.
  • 2. Height of the average man makes 184 cm, and women of 170 cm, – the interesting fact.
  • 3. Scientists say that the reason in DNA, food and financial wellbeing, others say that it because of their plentiful consumption of dairy products.
  • 4. In the Netherlands there are more than 18 million bicycles at the population in 16.8 million people!
  • 5. The Netherlands – one of six members of founders of the European Union.
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  • 6. Interesting fact: drink Gin was invented in the Netherlands under the name Jenever. At the end of the 16th century it was widely used as medicine.
  • 7. The Netherlands seafarers for the first time found Australia and New Zealand in the 17th century. Australia was called then “New Holland”. New Zealand was called in honor of the province Zealand. Tasmania was it is called in honor of the researcher Abel Tasman.
  • 8. The law affirmed the right of preservation and cultivation of soft drugs (hemp) for private use.
  • 9. Interesting fact: historically it developed that Dutches do not love tourists from Germany as during war the German troops took away bicycles from the population to prevent possible investigation and the guerrilla movements. The most popular joke in this respect is the saying “Return our bicycles!”.
  • 10. The highest point of the Netherlands is the height Valserberg. Its Height makes only 322 meters. It is located in southeast part of the country in the province Limburg.
  • 11. As the soil of Amsterdam consists of a thick layer of a bog and clay, all buildings are built on wooden 11 meter support which stand on a sandy layer, – the interesting fact.
  • 12. The royal palace on Dam Square is built on 13 659 wooden support.
  • 13. Tulips never grew in the territory of the Netherlands. The first bulbs of tulips were imported from Turkey in 1599. Since then in the country tulip fever began.
  • 14. Each inhabitant on average drinks more than 74 liters of beer a year.
  • 15. Rembrandt van Rein is the Netherlander, one of the most great artists and history of the European art.
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  • 16. Interesting fact: 86% of the population of the Netherlands are fluent in English.
  • 17. The Netherlands – the largest exporter of beer in the world. Annually more than 1.3 billion liters are exported the abroad. A half of all production goes to the USA.
  • 18. Residents of the Netherlands — the second in the world after Scandinavians fans of coffee. They drink on average not less than 140 liters of coffee a year, and these are 3,2 cups a day, – the interesting fact.
  • 19. In the Netherlands there are 1180 windmills.
  • 20. The Netherlands has the highest level of direct foreign investments per capita in the world.
  • 21. The Dutch government legalized same-sex marriages in 2001, and euthanasia in 2002.
  • 22. Interesting fact: at the time of the Dutch colonization New York was called New Amsterdam. Today many places in New York still have the Dutch origin.
  • 23. The Dutch national anthem “Vilgelmus” is the oldest in the world. It was written and for the first time used in 1568.
  • 24. National flag of the Netherlands is dated 1572.
  • 25. The average Netherlander in a day passes 2.5 km in a day.
  • 26. Amsterdam — the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands. The name of the city happens from the river Amstel on which Amsterdam is located. Annually the city visits about 4.2 million tourists from around the world.
  • 27. Only 3% of the Dutch population are engaged in agriculture.
  • 28. The first stock exchange was open at the beginning of the 17th century.
  • 29. Cheese making was invented in the Netherlands.
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  • 30. Sinterklas — the Dutch Father Frost.
  • 31. Interesting fact: prostitution — the legalized activity. Her representatives pay taxes and get paid on the royena with workers of other professions.
  • 32. Herring is one of the most favourite food.
  • 33. About 40% of the population do not believe in God. Most of believers — Protestants and Catholics.
  • 34. In the Netherlands it is considered normal if the man and the woman live in a civil marriage and raise the general children, – the interesting fact.
  • 35. The average cost of the obligatory health insurance is about 100 euros.
  • 36. Alcoholic beverages can be drunk from 16 years.
  • 37. The most popular sport in the Netherlands is soccer.
The Netherlands - the interesting facts
We present you a small collection of the interesting facts about the Netherlands! You learn a lot of useful information and enjoy a photo of the Netherlands.
Interesting facts
Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/14/2016
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