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Travel to Cayman Islands

Travel to Cayman Islands! The Cayman Islands are a possession of Great Britain in northwest part of the Caribbean Sea, between Cuba and Jamaica. Three the Cayman Islands carry the name Small Kaimana, Big Kaimana and the Cayman Braque.

Their arrangement in the middle of the sea explains lack of the general borders with other states. The Cayman Islands are recognized as one of the corners, best in the world, for rest and scuba diving, yachting and surfing. Tourists are expected here by magnificent beaches, modern show business and the developed infrastructure.

In the territory of Big Kaimana the city under the name Georgetown which is the capital of these lands was located. This island is the largest and occupies the space almost in 200 square kilometers. A high-rise maximum Big Kaimana makes only 16 meters. The main feature of a relief the lagoon of Nort-Saund stretched on length on tens of kilometers is considered here. The second island on dimensions is the

Cayman Braque who is lagging behind the main island on 142 kilometers by sea. All its area of 38 square kilometers belongs to a calcareous plateau under the name Blaff. Exactly here the high-rise maximum of the Cayman Islands numbering about 42 meters was located. The separate name for this point doesn’t exist, but it is known that it is in the east of the island. Absolutely close to the Cayman Braque there is a Small Cayman, of 28 square kilometers. Relief of local lands mainly flat, it is possible to see small heights to 12 meters only in the north.

The Cayman Islands which have been for the first time visited by Christopher Columbus in 1503 draw to themselves huge attention of tourists from around the world today. The lion’s share of guests of these island lands is made by Europeans who with pleasure come back here again and again.

In it there is nothing strange, now the Cayman Islands represent the most real heavenly spot filled with violent tropical greens, marvelous favorable climate and picturesque coral reeves. This ideal town for circulation under a sail, occupations by surfing and diving. Safety of tourists is in this region at incredibly high level that can’t but just please. Pure well-groomed beaches open the tender embraces by everyone, and abundance of comfortable hotels and constantly improved infrastructure promotes involvement of new tourists.

Travel to Cayman Islands – the most developed part of the countries is the island the Big Cayman. Exactly here the most part of the population lives. Among legendary sights of this earth it is necessary to mention numerous offshore banks and reeves which were especially fallen in love to the beginning and skilled divers. In the geometrical form the island reminds a cachalot. Thanks to really big depths, Big Kaimana it is possible to approach coast even to large-size sea vessels.

The special attention of tourists is also deserved by the capital of the Cayman Islands – amazing and rather modern city of Georgetown. If to compare him to other world capitals, then he will seem to you absolutely small and quiet. Actually, it is easily possible to call Georgetown the city of contrasts. Here ancient color is perfectly combined with modern constructions, creating the unique and inexpressible atmosphere. You hardly will find traditional European planning here, it has remained only in several quarters in the central regions of Georgetown. The new part of the city is filled with magnificent glass shopping centers, high-rise office buildings and numerous antennas. Here everywhere duty free shops in which it is possible to buy the most different and really interesting bagatelles are seen.

Tourists here, first of all, will be interested in historic center of the city, the Fort George and Cayman Islands National Museum. National Museum considered one of the best on the Caribbean islands. He is famous for exhibitions from history of appearance of the person on islands, a collection of folk art and expositions on natural sciences. Practically all architectural constructions of Georgetown possessing historical and cultural value can brag of rich centuries-old history also. Therefore it is necessary to order surely a couple of excursions to learn about this amazing town more.

Near Georgetown the only Tortoise Fermat in the world Kaimana is located. Judges of the nature by all means have to visit it, there the carefree life is conducted by more than 16 thousand these lovely creatures and annually she lets out several thousands of little turtles in the sea. In northwest part Big Kaimana it is possible to see the well-known natural sight under the name Hal which represents the enormous massif rocks of gear type. Such picturesque landscapes can be seen only on the Cayman Islands. Besides, special natural sight is the botanical garden Quinn-Elisabeth II.

The park occupies more than 65 acres of the earth. Here hundreds of species of surprising plants grow, but separate attention deserve an orchid. All islands Kaimana offer to the guests magnificent terms for sea rest.

The Cayman Islands are also well-known for the banks. It is one of the most popular offshore zones. As souvenirs from the Cayman Islands bring the sparkling emeralds and various jewelry with them, and also traditional Cuban cigars and modern developments of electronics.

Travel on the Cayman Islands by all means will add the magic fairy tale to your everyday life!

Travel to Cayman Islands
Travel to Cayman Islands! The Cayman Islands are a possession of Great Britain in northwest part of the Caribbean Sea, between Cuba and Jamaica. Three the Cayman Islands carry the name Small Kaimana, Big Kaimana and the Cayman Braque.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/28/2016

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