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Travel to Côte d'Ivoire

Travel to Côte d’Ivoire! If you are interested in the African history, art or music, Côte d’Ivoire this that place where it is possible to get acquainted with these aspects of culture most fully.

Côte d’Ivoire is in the Western Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Art Côte d’Ivoire is considered one of the best in the Western Africa and in each ethnic group is very peculiar.

The people a trunk and Yaqub are widely known for their original wooden sculpture – usually traditional local wooden mask is very exact image of a human face which is slightly exaggerated for fuller transfer of features of character. The used in various ceremonies, front masks a trunk are extremely realistic and transfer characteristics of appearance or a hairdress of that person who has served them as a prototype. Masks Senufo on the contrary – are strongly stylized: the most known type – “fire” – a mask helmet which is compilation of shape of an antelope, warthog and hyena – the most dear animals of a local animistic cult.

Other characteristic work of local handicraftsmen – the big spoon for rice preparation having the humanoid forms and serving as a magnificent local souvenir.

The city of Yamoussoukro became the capital in 1983, but still is the center of the country more according to the name. Abidjan was also a country town till 1951 when French have finished construction of the channel of Vridi connecting a lagoon of Abidjan to the ocean. It has immediately given to the city excellent harbor, and since then the population has grown almost to 3 million people, and the city has expanded, having occupied four peninsulas around a lagoon.

Rainforests of the country are quickly reduced (one of the highest rates in the world), the only remained virgin forest is in the national parks Tang and Marakhuz occupying the 3600th square kilometer in southwest part of the country. Here trees of 50-meter height, with massive trunks and huge roots of support have still remained. Walking through the equatorial primary forest – unique experience: the high trees intertwined with lianas fast streams and relic wildlife are integrated in one place, creating a peace and charming landscape on which for travel, nevertheless, it is required to put a lot of effort. Parks are in very rainy and damp area so the best time for visit – during the dry period from December to February. It is necessary to get permission from the Ministry of the wood in Abidjan for visit of parks.

In 570 kilometers to the northeast of Abidjan the biggest is located in the Western Africa national park of Komoe. Here, near the river of the same name, there passes one of the most popular animal tracks where it is possible to track in habitat as big herds of animals during a dry season leave in search of water to the river where a magnificent opportunity to observe habits of the most various representatives of local fauna is given.

The district of the city Mang in the central part of the country is the territory of magnificent green hills and is known far outside the country for the falls La-Cascad located in the bamboo wood in 5 kilometers to the West from the city, and also abrupt, having the tooth form, Maun-Tonkui mountain and the mountain of La-Dent-de-Mang (“Tooth of the person”) which is considered according to local legends by “guardian angel” of this area of the country. Other sights of the area – picturesque villages: Biankum, Goususso, Sipita and Danane.

Travel to Côte d’Ivoire. Korogo – the capital of the people Senufo since the XIII century, “heart” of this city – the noisy market. Are widely known to Senufo for the wooden carving, also they are the qualified smiths and potters. Most of woodcarvers lives and works in the small area, and called – Skulptor-Kvartye.

Senufoare divided by difficult system of relationship between the secret communities closer to religious groups: “Time” – a cult for boys and “sakrabund” – a cult for girls, in their framework they prepare for adulthood. Communities keep folklore of the people, teach breeding customs and impart self-control through strict tests. Children’s education is divided into three seven-year periods which are coming to an end with an initiation ceremony. Each community has “the sacred wood” where training is provided (the profane person never allow to observe tests). Some ritual ceremonies take place directly in the village and are allowed for visit by tourists. They include a set of rituals, like the “Dance of people leopards” executed when boys come back from session of training in the wood and many other things.

Near the port of Sasandra beautiful beaches are located. But the fact that here also numerous ethnic fishing villages of the people a forfeit, with active port and the picturesque river are located does by especially attractive this area. Also it is very much recommended to try local ‘Bangui’ – palm wine which is produced only here.

Travel to Côte d'Ivoire
Travel to Côte d'Ivoire! If you are interested in the African history, art or music, Côte d'Ivoire this that place where it is possible to get acquainted with these aspects of culture most fully.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 06/03/2016

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