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Travel to Czech Republic

Travel to Czech Republic! In the Czech Republic, tourism is one of economy components. This country is known around the world for the historical sights, natural resorts and well-known kitchen.

Today the Czech Republic is in the list of ten most visited countries of the world. The local landscape is very different and beautiful. Huge valleys on which the purest rivers stretch and lakes are replaced by the dense woods growing on hills. At the moment in the Czech Republic there is more the 130th historical a complex which daily accept thousands of tourists from around the world.

Prague, on advantage is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Today in the territory of Prague, there are more than 500 towers and this with the fact that at the beginning of their 19th century was only 103 in honor of what the city and has received the name “City of Hundred Towers”. The city center is well managed to survive to the present day and represents a complex of the Prague Castle on the left bank of the country’s largest Vltava river, as well as “Old” and “New Town” on the right bank of the river. These places are the “heart” of the Czech capital and together with the Jewish ghetto and Vysehrad were entered in the UNESCO World heritage List.

A common sight for all the “parts” of Prague, the King’s Road. Traditionally, according to the rule established by Charles IV More on this road, starting from the Visegrad, began the procession of the new king. “Old Town”, is now a real museum in the open air. It was laid down as early as the tenth century. Then a wall with 13 towers surrounded it, but to date only one has survived (Powder) Tower.

Another interesting tourist destination is Prague Castle, or is called Hradcany. He is on the high bank of the river of Vltava. In this place, the largest fortress of the Czech Republic (A royal hail) which is considered the historic, cultural and political center of all Czech Republic now settles down.

At 40 km from the capital is the most interesting gothic castle in Europe – Krivoklat. This castle is located in scenic areas near the river Berounka. This place is considered as the best for hunting. The district, improbable on beauty, at the moment is under protection and is the reserve. This lock one of the oldest, but has remained he best of all. Earlier it was the usual hunting estate of the Czech king. The first notes about this place are subsidized the 11th century. The lock several times changed the mission, it was prison, a royal treasury, in communication with what it was several times reconstructed and completed. That appearance which it has now, it has received in the 15th century. Thrill seekers can visit the cells where torture took place, which is used for this instrument remained in the chambers and to the present day.

In the XIV century, the second largest city in the Czech Republic was Kutna Hora, which was due to the rapid growth of silver deposits found here. However in two centuries extraction of silver has ceased as stocks have practically run low and its financial value for the country has fallen. Since then the city practically has changed nothing. He has managed to keep perfectly in himself spirit of old times and now it is one of the tourist centers of the country. The downtown small, it is easily possible to bypass on foot.

After visiting this city, you must be sure to visit the Mining Museum, which is considered the best in Europe. Here exhibitions are constantly conducted, tourists are told about extraction of silver which has made this city to such rich. The particular interest calls the huge mechanism from a tree by means of which in mines from 200-meter depth pulled out up to 1 ton of breed in tourists.

Travel to Czech Republic – the capital of the western Czech Republic many years the city of Plzen is considered. In the downtown there is an interesting Gothic cathedral at which the highest in the Czech Republic is located a church tower which height makes 103 meters. In the city not only the set of monuments of architecture is located, but also it is a lot of interesting museums. However I have received popularity, Plzen not for the account of architectural and historical values, and at the expense of the Czech beer known around the world – “Prazdroj “.

One of the most known Czech resorts – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad was called earlier), has been founded by the emperor Charles IV in 1358. The city is in only 122 km from Prague, near border with Germany, in one of the most picturesque places of the Western Czech Republic and it is considered the main town in the West Czech resort triangle. To this world famous resort all world elite, including Beethoven, Schiller, Wagner and other earlier annually gathered, and now he is available to everyone.

The main city streets repeat the bends formed by Heat watercourse – water in the river on her considerable extent really warm because of hot Karlovy Vary springs. Total number of the registered sources – 132, but in the medical purposes only twelve of them are used. It is unique water which has no analogs according to the characteristics – on a chemical composition Karlovy Vary water represents sodium bicarbonate and sulfate acidic mineral water and at drinking treatment normalizes the broken secretion and a vermicular movement of a stomach and intestines, anti-inflammatory effect and spasmodically. The most famous source – “Shprudel” strongly mineralized water which (6.5 g salt per liter) reaches a temperature of 73 C. It is out of the water “Shprudelya” is world-famous “Carlsbad salt.”

Travel to Czech Republic
Travel to Czech Republic! In the Czech Republic, tourism is one of economy components. This country is known around the world for the historical sights, natural resorts, and also well-known kitchen.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/31/2016

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