The interesting facts about Oslo

The interesting facts about Oslo Interesting facts

The interesting facts about Oslo

Oslo – one of the smallest capitals in Europe. The capital of Norway almost all sides surrounded by nature, so it is a great place to relax. In addition to the magnificent nature, medieval attractions are located in Oslo. But before taking a tour, be sure to familiarize yourself with interesting data about this wonderful city. Therefore, our article devoted entirely to interesting facts.

Interesting facts about Oslo

  • 1. Oslo – the largest city in Norway. It was founded around 1050 by Harold III.
  • 2. In the XIV century, Oslo fell under the domination of the Hanseatic League.
  • 3. Oslo has a population of 600 thousand people. The suburb is home to approximately 1 million 300 thousand people. And in the region of about 1.7 million people.
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  • 4. The density of the population of Oslo is 1292 people / Km2
  • 5. An interesting fact: many tourists are often surprised by the fact that in the capital of Norway, begging is not illegal!
  • 6. Mohammed – the most popular name for a boy in the Norwegian capital.
  • 7. City topped the rating of the most expensive cities in the world! When you create a ranking took into account a great number of criteria by real estate prices up on everyday consumer goods prices. Behind the winner are located in Zurich and Geneva.
  • 8. For reasons unknown, Oslo is often called the “city of lions”!
  • 9. An interesting historical fact Oslo: After a devastating fire in 1624 that destroyed nearly all the buildings of the capital, began to build a new city. They called him “Christians” on the orders of King Christian, who ruled at the time. Remains Oslo buildings were out of the new city. In the XIX century Christiania quickly began to develop, so the expansion and absorption of the suburban areas was inevitable. So Christians included in its composition a suburb that is a remnant of Oslo. Only in 1925 the name “Christians” was changed to “Oslo”, and the place destroyed by fire the city received the official name of “Old Town”.
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  • 10. Interesting fact: each year on December 10 in Oslo City Hall awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 11. In 1952, Norway’s capital city hosted the Winter Olympic Games. And in 1930, 1966 and 1982, there were FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
  • 12. The total area is 454 km2.
  • 13. Planted forests occupy an area of 242 km2. This represents more than half of the total area of the city!
  • 14. At first glance, Oslo residents, as well as all Norwegians, you may seem rude and impolite, but it is not so. The fact that Norway is not considered rude or offensive, if you do not apologize or smile in response.
  • 15. Interesting fact: in Oslo, as well as in other cities in Norway, there is a dialect of the language! In total there are over 100 dialects, so it is sometimes difficult for foreigners to understand Norwegian in different parts of the country.
  • 16. Being on a tour of the sights of Oslo, never say that the street is bad weather, otherwise you just will not understand. Bad clothes can be, but bad weather can not be.
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  • 17. In Oslo, the physical punishment of children is illegal. This also applies to threats and intimidation.
  • 18. Residents of the capital, as well as other Norwegians prefer to dine at 11 am and dinner at 3pm. Also at 8 or 9 pm is mandatory so-called “evening meal” that includes a waffle or muffin with tea.
  • 19. The most popular way of hanging out is a walk in the fresh air.
  • 20. Interesting fact Oslo Akershus Castle has played a very important role in the history of the Norwegian capital. He is one of the best defensive structures Norway. Fortress also serve as the most important outlet in Scandinavia.
  • 21. During the 700 years of existence, no enemy was able to capture the Akershus Castle. However, it managed the German fascist troops in 1940, when the attraction is almost gave up without a fight. Akerhus Fortress remained occupied by the Germans until 1945.
The interesting facts about Oslo
In this article you will learn a lot of interesting information about Oslo. Do not miss you will learn many interesting facts and data.
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Date Published: 04/25/2016
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